Sunday, May 17, 2020

My Quarantine Transformation

The first couple of weeks of this quarantine were not fun, as I'm sure most of you can relate too.  I felt depressed, unmotivated and hopeless. I didn't get how people were being productive.

Gradually, I grew out of this slump and adjusted to this life of lock down, and I began to get motivated by watching good content and creating stuff.

One afternoon in early April, I saw this video pop up on YouTube. It's about Nofap, which I am familiar with. If you are not, it is a movement to quit porn and refrain from excessive masturbation.

Nofap has been something in the back of my mind since I discovered it in March of 2018, and I have gone back to it occasionally, but it never stuck. I always continued to go back to watching porn and feeling bad about it.

In the video, he talks about some really cool stuff that resonated with me deeply. I invite you to watch the video and do the exercise at the end if this is something you have been dealing with. It is worth the time and effort to see if it's something for you to take on.

He offers a free consultation at the end. So I did that, just to see what it was all about.

I did the call, and it resonated, so I signed up for the porn quitting class that was offered. I was extremely skeptical, and didn't want to pay the money, but I thought "Fuck it. I haven't been able to quit this on my own, I'll try it out." because the idea of quitting porn for life seemed to good to be true, I wanted to see if he was for real or not.

New Beginnings 

I started doing the modules in the course, and talking with other guys in the group, and seeing the results in my life. It has totally shifted my perspective on porn, my life, and my dreams, I have so much more energy now! And am able to redirect my urges and sexual energy into my goals and aspirations.

These are things I have known would be great, but was never able to really promote them because I wasn't doing them. I am now 40 days without porn, and it feels incredible! So, I am promoting quitting porn.

I feel confident in not watching porn again because I'm present to the intense pleasure and rush of dopamine that comes from watching it, and how that dulls everything else in my life.

 It creates unattainable images and expectations on sex, and on life. How are you supposed to truly appreciate a sunset or an engaging conversation when you can get endless, intense sexual imagery in front of you in seconds? I stopped enjoying most of my life, because my brain was so used to instant dopamine from porn.  I wasn't present to it's negative effects.

I'm present to the shame and depression that it triggers. I'm present to the horror and the awful treatment that porn stars go through. They often come into the business as pretty teenagers, to be tossed out of the business at twenty-five as physically, mentally and emotionally wounded women.

I'm present to how much it was holding me back with dating, with my goals, and with improving my self as a man. In mastering these urges, I am mastering my ability to delay gratification, to control my impulses and my mind. Mastering the mind and the self is the ultimate goal, with that, anything is possible.

Sexually Obsessed

This past year and a half at least, I have been mostly writing about sex on this blog. I have been obsessed with sex and women, while being blind to how much it was holding me back.

I was pursuing my goals in comedy and rapping while having these negative thoughts and urges around porn lingering in the back of my mind, and being a slave to them. I'm sure men can relate to how much thinking goes on about attaining sex. It's a lot more than we are willing to admit.

As a culture we are sexually obsessed. Marketing people know that men are horny bastards, so they put half naked women on whatever they can to make us subconsciously drool and pull out our wallets.

It is keeping us subdued, and prolonging our ability to truly connect with real women romantically. So, being recently awakened, I am out to cause other men to get into this stuff, and I am creating a Men's group on Facebook called Rebel Rationale. I'll be posting blogs and making videos of me sharing my story and experiences, offering my wisdom and coaching around it.

Quitting Porn

With a almost two months of no porn and no masturbation, I have so much more energy and focus with my goals. As some of you may have seen I've been putting out 4-5 videos per week, along with exercising everyday, eating healthier, meditating, writing out my goals and dreams and recreating my self as a human being and as a man.

I have so much more time for my goals and interests when I resist chasing quick pleasure. I'm clearing the fog of porn brain every day from my psyche. I am no longer distracted from what I am really here to do on this earth.

How I feel now! :)
If you are thinking this is impossible for you... I did too. I never thought I'd be able to go more than a a few weeks of not fapping.  ESPECIALLY when we're stuck at home all day due to this quarantine. I am proof that it can be done. To me, this was the perfect opportunity to recreate myself, when things are shut down and we have more time with ourselves.

If you've read this far, I imagine you are interested in this kind of stuff. I will be putting out much more content in the Rebel Rationale Facebook Group, which will be coming in a month or so.
So stay tuned if you're down with discovering these things for your self. Creating more content, and generating more ideas is something that was directly created out of taking this on!

What really cemented me into quitting this habit was this course I took on quitting porn and mastering my life. Before, I didn't have the confidence to talk on camera as myself. I didn't have the confidence or beliefs in many things before realizing that porn was really hurting me internally.

I didn't believe I could really quit, and many of these blindspots around porn and my impulse control have been uncovered, allowing me be aware of them and to find out so much more about my self.

So many men die without realizing their full potential. Don't be one of those guys. Here is the link to the course with an introduction video by Josh Hudson.

Please check it out, and check out more of Josh at  Pinnacle of Man. He's a well rounded dating coach and therapist, and I've talked to him over the phone a few times while completing my course. He's also offered to help me with Rebel Rationale and we text every few days or so.

One month ago, I found his videos and started watching them, and signed up for the course.  Next thing I know, he's interviewing me over Zoom! He recorded the conversation to be published on his channel as my success story in completing the course, which I'll share with you all when it comes out.

If this resonates with anyone, or if you are someone who is struggling with watching porn...

PLEASE     REACH     OUT     TO     ME

I believe quitting porn is the first step to really unlocking your potential as a man. Creating new things in your life that you've always wanted to will become something you do every day!