Sunday, September 29, 2019

My thoughts on "Human Nature" as a 20 year old


As a twenty year old, I wrote about thirteen pages of my thoughts on "Human Nature". More so about honesty, comedy and myself. I'm sharing bits of it here for you all to see a piece of my brain at twenty years old.

Humans are the only beings able to write things down, have thoughts and observations, and opinions. Many humans feel the need to have their thoughts and opinions heard and pondered upon. Some people find injustice in the world and figure out a way to make money by pointing these things out in a humorous way.

Comedians, people I admire and am obsessed with becoming. What intrigues me about comedy is the ability to point out the hypocrisy and irony of human nature in a humorous and even enlightening way.

There are certain archetypes of human beings. The creative artist wants to be heard, to make a statement for the greater good of humanity and their own growth. At their own expense, or the belief that the movement they are starting will live on after they die. People who begin to build buildings knowing that they will not live to see them standing.

I went on rambling about social media, and how people use it to promote their own happiness, hiding from their true insecurities. Along with some friends of mine that I was upset at, and my diagnosis of their shortcomings, so I'm leaving that out.

I am very curious about why humans behave in certain ways.

In my pursuit of comedy/writing, honesty is usually the core of my humor and is really the best place to work from. Great comedians are completely honest about their point of view and therefore can get away with trashing certain types of people by pointing out their flaws in a certain humorous way.
There is a truth to being human where others want to be perceived highly. This can be achieved in the short term by displaying your happiness on the internet or by bragging about yourself.
Being honest with yourself and others about yourself and your own negative truthful emotions to me seems like what will allow me to achieve a more long term happiness and enlightenment.
With comedians, one of the first steps is to make fun of yourself. This gives them the ability to judge others, because they judge themselves first. They point out their own flaws, which they can compare to other humans and their behavior.
Truly honest comedians who hold nothing back and have no shame in sharing their own embarrassing experiences, in turn, showing their strong ego. By speaking freely and honestly about your own feelings without bragging or covering anything up REALLY shows what’s going on underneath.

I want to see life as an ultimate journey to enlightenment. True happiness is what every human being wants on this earth. Honesty is the only way to me, if you cannot be honest with yourself, how can you be happy?

I have had issues with honesty. How being honest has gotten me in trouble, in being "attacked" verbally and physically. (I'll share some of those in upcoming posts.)

So I have pondered on it a lot, how to express opinions and things in certain scenarios to get a desired outcome, or to avoid creating conflict. 

I find a lot of this stuff true still, I just don't subscribe to it as heavily, as I have changed quite a bit in 5 years, and am not as attached to these ways of thinking. Anyway, feel free to let me know what you think of 20 year old ramblings :)