Sunday, July 28, 2019

Shifts of Interest

When I started writing this blog, I was obsessed with writing comedy, and was subtly angry/dissatisfied about everything in my life. I was in a loll with the ladies, and made sex something that I didn't "need" because I didn't feel capable or equipped in dating. 

I felt like talking about sex was hacky, and easy, and was not truly in integrity with being funny. So I didn't really do it, 'twas more my excuse for not being able to get laid. 

So I obsessed and focused on writing, learning about comedy, performing when I could, and watching lots of movies and TV. I started writing about comedians I liked and things I was dissatisfied about in life on here. 

Then I discovered Landmark shortly after in January of 2016, I shifted to writing about self helpy type of things, and ways to make myself feel better by taking action in my life. I became more positive, and discovered a lot more love for people.  

One thing that I did recently, that stems from this education is make phone calls to  acknowledge people. It seems weird and some fear and hesitation comes up, but I always feel better after having called someone and told them something I admire about them, or just say "I acknowledge you for being my friend." People really appreciate it and get value out of hearing that from  you. It doesn't have to be "for" anything, other than you want to make them and yourself feel good.

In the last three years or so, I talked about comedy, self helpy things, and in the last year and a half I have been very focused on researching dating, masculinity and femininity, etcetera. My former self is calling me a hack, although I am still doing and in pursuit of creating things, it has merged with sexuality.  

Part of me wants to ease up on the sexual stuff, but I find it very interesting. Also having gone through a painful breakup about eight months ago. I'm taking a lot preventative medicine and action in this research and field studying. 
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I just finished another audio book "The Rational Male" by Rollo Tomassi. Via a recommendation from a guy I've been watching on YouTube, Richard Cooper. It was a game changing book on being red pill aware, and it breaks down men, women, alpha and beta males, and dating in a lot of detail, and if anyone is interested you should definitely check him out

It gives a lot of psychological and biological evidence that breaks down the social and cultural conditions that we currently live in.
That's it, I hope you all enjoyed yourselves. 

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Alan Roger Currie


Thanks to my good friend Shawn Shaw, I know Alan Roger Currie, and his philosophies on straight forward, honest communication in approaching women that you are attracted to. Otherwise known as Mode One behavior.

Alan Roger Currie is an author and a dating coach, he has four books, "Mode One" "The Possibility of Sex" "Oooh, Say it Again" and "The Beta Male Revolution". I could do very long and extensive articles regarding each of these books separately, but I just feel like acknowledging ARC right now.

Since discovering him and his techniques and philosophies on interacting with women, I have gained a lot more sexual experiences and wisdom in the dating realm. Before knowing him I was naive about men and women's true sexual nature, the characteristics of alpha males and beta males, and learning to conquer my fears in taking action with approaching women honestly.

He is extremely intelligent and eloquent with his boldness, and has a deep understanding of masculine and feminine behavior and attraction. He does a great job of breaking down aspects of human behavior in dating and sex. He is very extensive and detailed, and allows the reader to fully understand all angles of what he is communicating.

If you are unfamiliar with mode one behavior, it is basically being upfront and honest with your romantic and sexual intentions. It is one of the four modes of communication when dealing with people. It wastes a lot less time when you are straight and to the point with your intentions. Because women already know that when you approach them, that you are interested in them sexually or romantically. Women respect and appreciate the bold honesty more so than coy and indecisive behavior from men.

Depending on the situation, I usually have no problem walking up to a woman and letting her know I am attracted to her, and would like to spend time with her. I have also talked dirty to women and gotten them to come home with me, when it seems "appropriate" to do so. Talking dirty to women is another thing he goes in to extensively. Primarily in his book "Oooh, Say it Again". It can be a scary thing to do, but it can also create some extremely fun and interesting experiences.

As a straight man, you want sex from attractive women, admit it, and don't be an incel. So you might as well let her know that you are interested and give her the opportunity to decide if she is too. Rather than pretend you are really interested in getting to know her so you can make a physical move on the third or fourth date, only to be rejected. Which can provoke you to get upset and angry that you wasted all that time.

I've done it in various places and forms and it has worked for me plenty of times. I've also done it and it hasn't worked, but the rejection came very quickly, and both parties were left self expressed and unharmed. You end up having an authentic conversation with a stranger of the opposite sex about dating and sex, and they may even wish you luck with the next gal.

And as a woman, if you are looking for a relationship with a guy. I imagine that you would rather have a man tell you off the bat that he is only interested in you sexually. Instead of pretend that he is looking for a relationship, go out on a few dates, and then have sex with you. So he could leave after he got what he wanted.

Mode One behavior has changed my life, and listening to this man's audio books has really improved my social and dating life. I invite you all to check him out, here is a brief introduction to him and the mode one approach.

I think there is an aura in the air that men are hornier than women, and this is not true. Women just want us to believe this! Because we will work harder to gain their sexual company (Spend time listening to them, and to spend money and energy impressing and flattering them) if we men believe this.

As an alpha male type, you really do not have to put this time, money and effort in to exchange orgasms with an attractive female. Just be honest and bold with your intentions, and allow women to decide if they will reciprocate or reject your advances. It makes things very simple, and saves time and energy. I suggest you check out his work and become a student of ARC if you want this for yourself.