Sunday, June 30, 2019

Corey Wayne

Coach Corey Wayne! He is a dating and life coach that I found last March while I was studying abroad in England. I could not sleep one night, so at 3am I decided to YouTube ways of attracting girls through Facebook and texting. I found a video of his, and I soon realized that I had stumbled onto something great. His advice resonated with me and I began binge watching his videos. He totally opened my eyes and changed my life regarding dating and understanding women.

He has a book called "How To Be a 3% Man" which you can get for free on Audible. He has thousands of videos on YouTube and his Website

Image result for corey wayne 3 percent manWatching his videos and reading and rereading his book is a great free curriculum that I have been engulfed in for the last year.

Being a 3% man is basically being part of the 3% of men that understand women. The book gives a lot of advice and information about pickup, seduction, dating, and relationships. Understanding attraction and how to create it with women. Along with learning the things that most guys do to turn women off.

I imagine a lot of people have their own ideas and negative connotations about "Pickup artistry", but it goes very deep into attraction, love and understanding masculine and feminine energy.
I believe it is very important as a straight man to learn the appropriate things to say and do, along with what not to say or do with women you are attracted to.

He has thousands of coaching videos online that pair very well with the knowledge in his book, it's a great way to stay sharp with his work and be continuously learning from him. Here's one of them

He also has a book called "Mastering Yourself" which you can also get on Audible for free. He talks about his childhood, and he goes through his failures to show how he got to where he is now.

I invite you all to check him out. I watch his videos just about everyday,  he is an online mentor for me that I enjoy sharing with all the men who are open to improving their dating and social skills.

Some men are naturally good with women, I was not, it took me awhile to finally kiss a girl, so I looked for outside help, and eventually found Corey Wayne among other people like Alan Roger Currie who opened my eyes a lot as well. I'll do another post about ARC at some point. So I encourage all men to check them both out, among any other seduction gurus and dating coaches that you trust and believe in.

It can be rough and confusing when you are out their talking to and meeting women. Making mistakes is inevitable, and having a guy like this to learn from while you are making those mistakes will only help. If you stick with it, you'll learn to be better equipped as a man to go after nice looking women that you are attracted to with confidence.

My dating life is drastically better because of this bald headed fuck.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Back from Bath a Year ago Today

One year ago today I flew home from my six month study abroad stay in Bath, England. I was torn because I had acquired an attractive, partner of the opposite sex, whom I was sad to leave. I had also made some great friends along the way, that I had to leave. Along with the students, teachers, and the acting curriculum that I participated in during my time.

Bath is a beautiful city, I loved walking around, taking in the sites, and chatting up strangers when I could. I have thought back on it a lot since my return. It doesn't seem real that it was a year ago today. The time I have been back seems like it has gone a lot faster than when I was in England.

I spent some time with the other foreign exchange students in the beginning. Luckily, the other male in the group, Mikael, was awesome, and we got along well and had some fun nights out at pubs. He was from Finland, and was very knowledgable about alcohol, he was studying philosophy, so we had a lot of great discussions. 

I soon met all of my fellow acting students, and spent time working with them, and partying with them in dorms, pubs, and clubs. And six days into my trip I found myself having unprotected sex in one of them in her room after our first night out. Awesome. I enjoyed my experience with these English acting students. I was impressed with a lot of their natural talent. I do believe English actors are trained with more rigor, and the preparation is more extensive. I met some people that I would not be surprised in seeing them in our country killing it on the next Game of Thrones type of show.

I had some fun female experiences, mostly making out at pubs and clubs and one night stands. One of them during the day, from a gal I essentially seduced at the gym. And one that I closed out my time there with. That allowed me to experience actually "dating" along with the heights of pleasure, physically and emotionally. Which later led to the depths of depression and heartbreak.

My time there was incredible. I got to be the only American in a distant land. I had some lows and feelings of loneliness and being misunderstood. Which allowed for a comeback and a peak in feeling free socially. I had the greatest spring break of my life, traveling around Southern Ireland, England and Germany, and I got to fall in love.

I am extremely lucky that I got to have this experience, and to study abroad twice in my scholastic experience. Thank you to everyone I met over there, especially those who continue to read this blog, watch my snapchats, and like my instagram posts. Living there for six months changed my life.