Thursday, April 4, 2019

A British Girl at the Gym

APRIL 3rd 2018

This was during my Easter Break in Bath, England, where I was for six months during a semester abroad. I had just had a series of adventures in Ireland. Which I actually posted on this day. I just came home to Bath for a couple of days, and was anticipating my family coming on the evening of April 4th to spend time with them for a week. 

I had been abstinent for two weeks taking part in NoFap, (a popular phenomenon of refraining from pornography, masturbation and sex.) From this and my recent trip to Ireland, I was feeling extremely happy, confident and energized. I had a productive morning, and then I went to the gym. 

I went to go to the lockers I would normally go to, but all of them were taken. So, instead I went up the stairs to the workout area to put my stuff in the lockers there. I was walking up the steps and saw a nice looking girl. She was a bit far ahead of me to have held the door open for me for as long as she did, so I took that as a sign of interest. She had  brown hair, brown eyes, and an absolutely incredible backside. I followed her to the lockers. 

I took a locker to the left of her and I said "Hey." she replied “Who me?” I confirmed this and I asked for her name, she told me it was Becky. She noticed that I was American, so I told her that I was in her country going to Bath Spa University for a semester abroad. She said she was back in Bath on her Easter break from a University in Newcastle.

"What are you studying at Bath Spa University?" She asked.
"Acting." I said.
"Acting. Interesting." Becky said sauntering past me. Leaving me to finish putting stuff in my locker.

I ran for a bit on a treadmill listening to a podcast. After I got off I saw her at a leg machine and approached her again. We talked a bit about Newcastle and a bit about her growing up in Bath. I told her my family was coming in tomorrow and we would be traveling around England. I then left her alone and lifted some weights.

Later she was in the stretching area. There were four mats in the stretching area. She was on the second one, and there were two girls on the third one, and some one was on the first one, so I went on the fourth one. 

I stretched there for awhile, I was thinking about asking these two girls to switch with me for a minute or so before I finally did. We switched and Becky smiled as I sat next to her to begin talking again.
She was extremely sexy and alluring, I was aroused the whole time we were talking on the mats. Our faces soon got so close, I thought I could have kissed her in the middle of this gym. 

"What's your name?" She asked me.
"Oh you want to know my name now? How rude of you not to ask until now." I teased.
"I forgot to, ask I'm sorry, what is it?"
"Luke." I said. 
"Luke." She repeated.
"Yes... add yourself on my Facebook." I said handing her my phone. She did and gave it back to me.
"I look forward to seeing you tomorrow." I said before leaving.

I messaged her later that night and suggested we meet up at a coffee place tomorrow at noon, as I'd be seeing my family that evening. She agreed. 

APRIL 4th 2018

We met up at the cafe at noon and drank some coffee. We had a great chat, she was very interesting,  and we both had many questions for each other.

"What's the craziest thing you've ever done?" I asked her. She thought on that for awhile.
"I don't know, I can't think of anything." She replied.
"Think on it some more. I'll come back to you about it." 

We finished our coffee, and chatted some more. She poured her excess sugar into my empty cup, and I did with hers too. We soon felt we should go somewhere else, and whenever I would name a place she said she didn't want to go there. She was real stubborn. Instead she wanted to drive me to a different town called Bradford on Avon, so we walked to her car and drove there. 

It was a beautiful little town, we walked around for a bit and then got some lunch. I asked her if she had an answer for the craziest thing she’d ever done, and she did. 

"Once my boyfriend and I broke into an abandoned home and had sex on the roof."
"Wow." I said.
"I've had sex in other public places too. Like playgrounds and bathrooms."

We looked at each other for awhile after she said that. I considered if she wanted me to take her to the bathroom at that moment.
A nice picture on a bridge in Bradford on Avon.

We walked around a bit after lunch. Walking on a bridge and up some steps to look at the buildings, the river and other things. We also saw a cat on a ledge that we pet for a bit. 

We were walking down some steps, I was in front of her and stopped to look at her for a bit so she was more on my level and I kissed her for the first time.

We soon got back in the car and drove back to Bath. This was to be our last hour or so together, so it was time to for some Mode One action.

As we were driving I said "So are you looking for a nice secluded place to pull over and fuck me?"
"No!" She declared.
"Well we can go back to my place, I'd really like to take you up to my room and have fun with you." 
"Don't you know you're not supposed to have sex on the first date." 
"That's just some made up rule, and I don't care for it."  I replied.

She gave me a bit more testing before saying, "only if I find a place to park."
I high fived myself in my head, and this made me giddy and excited so I began to giggle. This made her nervous asking me, "Why are you laughing?" I had no real answer for her, I was just real happy.

We soon parked and walked past my friend Bamf who smiled and winked at me. We went up to my room for an incredible twenty minute shag. Which was a term I'd heard on my trip through Ireland. 

I attempted to convince her to stick around so we could have another go, but she was set on leaving afterwards as she had somewhere to be. I walked her back to her car and we said our good byes.

"Don't forget about me." Was the last thing she said, I winked at her closing her car door before she drove off. I then walked over to a smiling Bamf and talked about what had just happened. It was amazing, but I was upset that it was over. I wanted more.

After I left Bamf, I watched cartoons in my room for a bit, feeling like I was in another universe. As this incredible thing just happened, and I was left with myself again watching CatDog. I took a shower and went to hang out with my parents and sister after in a brief euphoric state at their Airbnb near by. 

The next day we explored Bath. Through out the week we traveled to Liverpool, Oxford, and then London for three days. We all went to London Heathrow together. My family flew home as I flew to Frankfurt for an awesome five day trip in Germany.

I am proud of having pulled this off. It might not have happened if those other lockers were not all taken up. It's one of the few times I fully took advantage of an opportunity like that in my life. 

I wanted more, and was sad that I would never see her again. It was something similar to my experience with a Spanish girl I met in Berlin 10 months earlier. And something magical and ominous would occur a month later with another English girl. 

It is an interesting phenomenon, meeting people like this in foreign places. Feelings get developed quickly and easily and the timeline is much shorter. 
Having 20 minute shags are fun, and also hard to leave behind. It is just one part of the beauty and the sadness of travel.