Sunday, January 7, 2018

BATH England

I have been in Bath England for three days now and it is wonderful. Very beautiful country landscapes, sheep and pigs in some areas. I live right in the city next to a shopping square filled with pubs and places to shop. It is gorgeous and magnificent.

I love it, I miss all of my friends and family too sort of, not that much yet I just got here. I'm writing this to inform everyone who is interested, I'm sorry if you are jealous or what not, that's not my intention, I am lucky to be here, and am doing it to serve myself and my loved ones for when I return!

My flat mates are great people. Young students around 18-19 years old. I also have a group of exchange students that I was acquainted with through an exchange program. There is only one other guy, his name is Mikael from Finland, there are four other Finnish girls, none of the Fins knew each other prior to this, and three of them are from the same hometown. There are four Chinese girls, two Danish girls, a Swedish, Norwegian, Portugese, and a Mexican girl too. They are nice and we have all explored pubs and places to eat together so far in Bath.

It's a beautiful city and people are very friendly here, and very open to share with me on where I should go. I am starting school tomorrow, I will probably write another one of these in the near future to keep all you fine folks up to dat!

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