Monday, September 4, 2017


We judge everything, judgement rules. Any decision that is made comes from judgement. Judging based on what's good or bad about something, and what is to be gained or lost. Without judgement we would be lost and confused in what to do and how to operate. So it is important to judge things objectively to accomplish goals, and judgement is something that affects us with other people.

I judge myself a lot of the time, and it will prevent me from doing things I want to do. I will judge other people, on how they look,, act, talk and how I do these things also. I then judge them on how I feel they are judging me. It becomes a cycle of judgement that refuels itself, and I'm not really hearing or being present to the person I'm interacting with.

A judgement I have on myself is, "I haven't been through enough hardship in my life, and am too good looking to be involved in comedy." I feel like an asshole when I say that. And that is me judging myself around my own judgements of myself, I think.

I have postponed putting this out into the universe out of fear of being judged by you the viewers. But if you did not judge this, that means that you didn't read it.

I thought I had more to expand on judgements, but I don't right now. I am judging my ability to write, and am also judging my level of performance as a writer. And I am expecting myself to be able to write more.

I am adding to this a year and a half later now. I think that we all have judgements in our heads of what people say, what we say to people, etcetera. But we don't always have to share our judgements and opinions of these things. Most of the time people don't care about your judgements or opinions, and that is my own judgement and opinion.

Something I have been in my head about is giving unsolicited advice versus withholding information from people. I used to overshare a lot and give advice to people because I was trying to help. I have had some experiences of sharing these thoughts and opinions that has caused hurtful things to happen, so I have taken a step back from doing it.

I don't really have any answers, I want answers but life doesn't really work that way. Lighten up, we're all going to die someday, so we're all on the same team. 

I woke up at 4am today because of the pain I felt in my pinky from cutting it on a can of beans that I thought I could use but couldn't. I'm judging the beans, I'll leave the beans alone.

One of the great improv team names that was created in a short period of time was "Beans where there shouldn't be beans". I liked that, and I enjoyed it quite thoroughly. 

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