Thursday, July 13, 2017


As of recently I have noticed that I have expectations for almost EVERYTHING! I discovered this when I visited Berlin this June, and have been exploring it since.

I went to a club called "Sisyphus", and I met this amazing Spanish girl named Eli. I had no expectations on meeting a lady, especially someone this incredible and beautiful. Having had no expectations prior to meeting her, I was that much more blown away. If I had planned on meeting a girl, and didn't meet one I would have left disappointed, because my expectations would not have been met. But coming from nothing, I was met by the girl of my dreams and we hit it off!

I saw her the next day, we talked by the river for a few hours. And we talked about expectations, and when we have them we are often left disappointed. A lot of this stems from actions that we take, and how we expect to feel from the results. You make some money, read a book, finally get into a relationship and expect to feel better or different from having done these things. But when you are not content with where you are right now, having accomplished these things does not make you happier.

I listened to a blog recently with Hal Elrod interviewing Christine Hassler. She has a book out called "Expectation Hangover" she talks a lot about becoming successful very young, and still not feeling accomplished and left with disappointment. This was the interview that sparked my interest in looking at expectations.      ------   ----   Here's the Interview!  ----   -------

To some degree I still expect making a lot of money to make me feel better someday. Whether it be in the business of show or entrepreneurship. I expect my problems to go away and for my happiness to finally flourish. I expect having a steady work and romantic life to make me happy. But not being happy right now will most likely keep me unhappy after having accomplished these things. So it's about practicing contentment where we are today!  I expect the next song I listen to to make me feel better... Once I finish work... Once I go pee... Once I am back home, all of that shit.

I am very analytical, and I will often approach people with an agenda, and people most likely can tell in my being that it is not genuine. I recently noticed this with girls. I approached some women with my friend at a gay bar with expectations of them being interested. Them being at a gay bar that they are flattered to be hit on by straight guys. They were married and out of town and I lost interest, however my friend was genuinely interested in getting to know them, so he stayed in the pocket. He later pointed out to me that I was not coming from nothing, and had an agenda, he is totally right! Having a preconceived agenda (expectations) sets you up for failure and disappointment. When I approach people from nothing, and just to get to know them, magic happens! Anything is possible, and something is fulfilled because there was no expectation of a goal to be met.

I come to conclusions with almost everything I am involved in. This happened, so that means this... I have trouble just being with something the way it is and the way it isn't. I am looking for the next thing to make me happy, or the next thing to occupy me from the bad things I am experiencing.

I am looking at this post and paragraphs don't necessarily flow into each other, because I have an expectation of my self on my writing abilities. And I have spelled "expectation" wrong through out this piece. I have expectations on my spelling abilities. This is also my first post in over a month, so I have expectations on my ability to produce. EXPECTATIONS ARE EVERYWHERE. Notice them and don't let them rule your life.