Sunday, June 4, 2017


It is an amazing city filled with people all over the world. I went to Cross Club, an awesome night club and was talking with people from Scotland, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Canada, England, Georgia (A country in Europe) and Czech people. A guy asked me what I thought of "E=Mc squared" and it delved into a deep philosophical discussion about being good and avoiding bad and discovery. All these different cultures speaking the same language of humanity and talking about life. We were sharing with each other and relating as fellow human beings. Here are some quotes that I captured in listening...

"The universe is within yourself" "You can be best friends with yourself." "When we breathe we are breathing in God."

I stayed up until 9am, dancing to techno, drinking and talking with fellow travelers. This is a magical city, and European people are present to the magic of life and being a contribution to the universe. Sharing is the key to connections.

I love it here!

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