Friday, April 28, 2017

Improv for Nursing Homes (The Emporium)

This is a project I started with my education at Landmark Worldwide. In the Self-Expression and Leadership Program we come up with a community project and follow the weekly action plans to achieve this goal. Some questions for creating this project a "What is so in this community? What are you out to cause in this community? What will be the impact on this community if nothing changes?"
Nursing homes have limited entertainment, and most of them are waiting to die and just watch movies and play bingo until they are done waiting.

Our first show was 8/17/16 at The Mosaic of Beacon in uptown. Thank you for giving us a chance and allowing us to grow as improvisers and community impacters. We have been back there plenty of times. Other places that have been great to us are The Symphony of Lincoln Park where we do Ice cream and Improv on Thursday afternoons. Alden Lakeland in Uptown he we now perform for every other tuesday at 2pm! And plenty of others we've been to once or twice.

This has been going strong since it began and I have a lot of people to thank for supporting by coming to perform for the elderly. It makes a huge impact and it makes these people's day when we make them laugh. This past wednesday 4/26/17 three of our team (Jeremiah Behbin, Jonah Andrews, Mitch Kessler) performed at Glencrest Nursing Home without me and I am so proud of you guys for stepping up and keeping The Emporium reputation clean without a no show.

I am going to be gone all of June this year and I know this cause will not die because I have an amazing community of improvisers who care about entertaining the people who created us and our parents.

Improv for Nursing Homes Facebook page

If you want to join the cause and bring your friends along too. Thank you to anyone and everyone who has come out to perform with me at these places and to the nursing homes who let us perform for your residents!

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