Sunday, February 12, 2017

Skeptics, ASSets, and CREATivity

It's easy to be negative about something at first glance. People would rather research something online over experiencing it in person. People don't go to restaurants because they read a bad review on YELP. Maybe you would have actually liked the food. If you did everything based on how much you've researched online, would you be doing anything at all?

I'm starting a new business and people are wary and see that there's a catch to what I'm offering. Anything out of the ordinary or unknown is immediately looked at through skepticism. That's a normal reaction, but are you letting your normal views dictate all of your decisions? Would you be doing anything interesting or fun if you looked at everything skeptically and stopped taking risks? Would anybody be doing anything innovative if they did not take a chance? NO!

It's easy to play it safe and live inside your comfort zone. Do you want to be old, living alone, and watching TV until you die? What can you take a chance on today? Who can you help, who's life can you change? It's easy to be negative and knock something down with a joke or an opinion. It's hard to build something positive with high risk and high reward.

We are trained as students to fear failure and to follow orders. "You get an F, you don't pass the class. You won't graduate, and you'll get a shitty job. Once you have you're degree, you can work a 9-5 paying off your student loans.

Sit in your desk, do your homework and do it right. So that in the future you'll be used to working in a cubicle from 9-5." We are trained to be employees. And we are trained that if you don't go to college you won't get a good paying job. So students go to four year schools (A lot of them don't even graduate) and end up in the real world with huge amounts of debt in student loans. So NOW You are forced to work just so you can pay off your loans each month. YOU ARE NOW AN ASSET TO THE GOVERNMENT. You are a monthly check for the government, and you are looked at as a number.

Teachers are trained to teach this mindset and rationalize being in debt until they're in their 50's 60's 70's DEAD. Is that going to be you? Do you want to BE an asset or do you want to BUILD an asset? Yes you want to go on vacations, yes you want more time to spend with family, friends, and to follow your dreams. Do you even know what your dream is?

I want to be an actor/comedian/writer/voice actor/musician/entrepreneur. None of that is taught in school, because it goes against the system. I'm starting this business so that I can build an asset to become financially and time FREE! I plan on retiring by 30 years old. People say "IT'S A PYRAMID SCHEME!" Okay, let's say you work with a company, you have a boss who's in charge of your section, and he has a boss who's in charge of that company in Chicago, he has a boss who is in charge of all of these companies in Illinois, and his boss is the guy who created the company. So you're making money for all of these people, and they only look at you as a NUMBER. You think if you put your time in you'll move up the ranks, but still won't make enough money to retire until you're dead. THAT'S A PYRAMID TOO. EVERYTHING IS A PYRAMID! You're always making money for somebody else in a company. I want to take coaching and advice from successful business people, and better myself and create a team that will do the same.

I enjoy working with people who care about me and are willing to help me EVERY DAY. Can you change your mindset from being an employee to being intelligent and independent? WHAT SEPARATES YOU FROM OTHERS: 1. The books you read. 2. Who you associate with.
I like comedy and acting. I hang out with comedians and actors and read books about them. I'm looking at entrepreneurship, I hang out with business people and read books about business.

We are programmed to stifle our own creativity. Because if we utilize creativity we'll realize "I don't have to go to school and work in a cubicle." Just to try and get out of debt. You'll be working for somebody who does not give a SHIT about you. 

Everyone is creative. You play with toys and dolls as a kid. You put on a new outfit everyday. You create a sandwich. You choose activities for the day. Don't let people tell you that you can't be creative and should get good grades to get a job and become an asset to the government. 

This obviously does not apply to everybody. But what thoughts can you ponder upon to become a better person?

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