Wednesday, November 23, 2016

MOVIE: Sling Blade

Directed, written, and starring Billy Bob Thornton. A great story based in Arkansas about a mentally disabled kid (Karl Childers) who murdered his mom and her lover at the age of twelve. He is released from the psychiatric ward he'd been staying at for over half of his life.

It's a great display of the primal needs of humanity,  eating, sleeping, fixing lawn mowers, and creating genuine human connections. It is a very touching and intense story of how Karl befriends a boy (Frank) who is living with his mother and her abusive piece of shit boyfriend.

It is very simple, and straight forward how he lives. And what he does to help Frank. It also co stars Jon Ritter! He is the gay friend of Karl's mom. He is great, and gives a wonderfully vulnerable performance. The film delivers with a solid ending, and reminded me of how basic living has to be, or how people become accustom to their living situations. 

It is the film that made Billy Bob Thornton a big deal! It goes to prove that making your own stuff is important, and will make others recognize you for being talented. No wonder they're making a Bad Santa 2. It also shows how country singers are great actors! Dwight Yoakam plays the boy friend, you've seen him from somewhere.

It is on Netflix, watch it before it gets taken off!

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