Sunday, November 6, 2016

COMEDIAN: Nick Swardson

He is one of the first comedians whose Stand up Specials I watched over and over. Which is "Seriously, who Farted?"(2009) which I can't find on YouTube. But can find his newest special called "Taste it" (2016) Link below

He's in a lot of dumb Adam Sandler movies like "Benchwarmers" "Don't Mess With the Zohan" "The Longest Yard" "Jack and Jill" "Grown Ups" etc. But he is still fucking hilarious. This sounds negative but I really do love him!

He's been in good movies too, "Grandma's Boy" ""Heckler" and "Reno 911" a Good TV show and some other classics like "Buck Larsen, Born to be a Star."

"Pretend Time" was an amazing sketch show that was cancelled. Below is a bunch of clips from it.

He makes silly broad ridiculous comedies that appeal to all types of people. And some part of me wants to dislike him for not satirizing society, but there is always a place for genuine laughter. Because he really does care about people and humanity. And underneath his outrageous silliness, he wants to make a difference and he is. I always listen to podcasts with him and enjoy his insight and wisdom about comedy, and life and on being ridiculous. He is one of the first people to really make me laugh, and he is a treasure:)

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