Saturday, October 15, 2016

MOVIE: Heckler

This is a very important movie. For aspiring entertainers to watch and for people of the public who think they have valid opinions. It starred Jamie Kennedy and was directed by Michael Addis.

I'm not a 'fan' of Jamie Kennedy. However, as a kid I enjoyed the silliness and the humor in "Malibu's Most Wanted", "Son of the Mask", and "Kickin' it Old School". I appreciate Jamie Kennedy for that! He made me laugh and happier as a result of making those movies at the expense of people spewing their hatred against him. I respect him a lot for making this documentary, and taking the heat face to face from "critics" and "hecklers". He's not one of my favorite comedians, but that does not mean he is not funny, talented and ambitious.

This blog is not popular enough to get "haters". But most blogs that are popular (from what I've learned) are popular for ripping on high status celebrities. And using that high status to gain attention for larger numbers, for their own audience. That's why I don't read other people's blogs, because they are stigmatized as negative. It's like news stations that showed 9/11 over and over to get high ratings.

People that heckle at comedy shows want the attention that they see the comedian getting. They think they are funny but are too cowardly to attempt it themselves. Or they are jealous of the love and attention the comedian is getting. People that anonymously blog negatively about films and filmmakers are wanna be filmmakers themselves. And they are envious and angry at the success they see in others. 

You have no valid argument unless you are a participant in the thing you are criticizing. I used to play football as a kid. I watch a lot of Bears games and play a lot of Madden. I still don't know how to coach in the NFL. Have opinions when you have fruit. When you can grow your own fruit, then you can compare your fruit to others fruit. It's easy to eat someone else's fruit and explain how it can be improved.

It's easy to be negative, and it's easy to pick apart a finished product! People spend years and years of hard work and money to create something for the purpose of humor, satire, etc, or just entertainment. For YOU! And if YOU don't like, then leave, or shut the fuck up. Make something yourself.

Just because something is not funny to you doesn't mean it needs to be put down. Patton Oswalt compared it to sexuality. Some people are gay... Just because you're not attracted to people of the same gender doesn't mean others aren't. 

As a kid I was jealous of movie stars that were getting paid to goof around and kiss girls. I was envious, I did not spread it on the internet, I grew up, and I got over it. Negative critique is childish, immature, invasive, and facetious. They are sad about their own lives and in spewing negativity, they are highlighting their own poor self image. They can't look at themselves, so they attack others.

I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir here. But this bothers me, and it will be something I'll have to deal with if I gain any notoriety. It's an inevitable evil that entertainers have to deal with. But people as fans can be simply that... FANS. I am currently a fan, I am happy and grateful for my peers in Improv.  Be supportive of those you admire, and whoever you don't like, leave them alone! It's easier than writing a blog about why Jamie Kennedy should die. 

I don't need to spread hate to other critics, haters, and hecklers, because they already hate themselves. (MIC DROP) And I'm out!

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  1. So simple. Be positive. That's where all the joy and satisfaction is.