Friday, September 30, 2016


I have not been posting on here a lot. When I write on this laptop, it is usually for a script of some kind. I write on paper when I journal, usually. I tell myself to write everyday but of course I do not. IT'S HARD!!! It seems simple to pick up a pen and some paper, yet it is difficult to actually do it. I have a few tips that I will share, and will probably not follow, and have not done myself.

1. Open a notebook.

Write your name! Write the date! Draw something! Move your hand along the page with a utensil in hand, make some kind of mark on it. Doing the motion will remind you how easy writing is.  It gets your juices flowing. If you stare at a football, you can't throw it until you pick it up. Writing for 1 minute a day is better than nothing. I started sleeping with my notebook in my bed. So whenever I go to bed I write something in there, and read something that I've written.

2. Don't second guess yourself.

The first time you write anything it is probably going to be shit. We think too much about what we're going to write instead of writing down what is in our heads. So many times when I'm writing something I think, "this is terrible!!!" Acknowledge that thought and keep going. If it is overwhelmingly shitty, stop and write on something else you could be working on. Have more than one project going, so you can shift your focus onto something that could be finished or you have more ideas about. Writing is rewriting.

3. Something else about writing that I can't think of right now... The INTERNET!

Being on your laptop with the Internet is tough. There are so many fucking distractions.  Pornography, browsing for stuff to buy, looking up serial killer documentaries on YouTube. There are way too many distractions online. Turn your Wifi off, put on some good music to write to and set an amount of time to write until. Try to make good writing habits. I have not, but I am trying. Trying is half the battle, and is better than not trying.

Those are my 23 year old words of wisdom on writing. Find a habit or a schedule that incorporates that you write everyday. Like Hunter S. Thompson.

Go write your name!!

Friday, September 23, 2016

SHOW: Shameless

Oh! It's wonderful. The American version. A very intriguing and scandalous show I like hanging out with. There are so many disgusting and secretive things that go down and are revealed often in the same episode. In most shows, when there are secrets amongst characters, they remain secrets. But in Shameless the secrets are revealed and more secrets are generated. The writing is so good that the show remains intact with detail after detail spilled to the audience.

Everyone is having sex with each other! 

I thought I had more to say about this show. But it's just great. You should watch it if you haven't. Frank Gallagher rules!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

COMEDIAN: Doug Stanhope

There are only a few comedians that truly push the envelope on every joke, and are able to articulate their true frustration with society. In a way that comments on themselves and the hypocrisy in humanity. With the harsh and necessary POV of a true social critic.

Doug Stanhope is hilarious, satirical, and he does not take any joke or laugh for granted. Every word he says has meaning and a higher purpose. He has true comedic integrity, and is a real anarchist. With advice on how to scam the government for paying for what they should, and influencing people to behave in a way that would be less selfish.

He has plenty of specials, and he does not care if people bootleg it or not. He doesn't care about the money, he just wants his message to be heard. He is very cynical and filthy, but you must know that he was raised going to AA meetings with his mother. He would listen to alcoholics tell their stories before he was in double digits. So you can understand his negativity and dirty word usage. His mother was a huge influence on him, and in one of his latest specials "Beer Hall Putsch" He talks about helping her kill her self in a hilarious, sweet and justified way.

He is very prolific in making specials. He has "Dead Beat Hero" (2004) "No Refunds" (2007) "Word Of Mouth" "The Great White Stanhope" "Acid Bootleg" "Doug Austin Incident" "Before Turning the Gun on Himself" (2012) and "Beer Hall Putsch" (2013).

I believe those are all of his hours. I'm sure there are more. I'm unable to give him full justice in writing this, but he needs to be acknowledged for his generosity and mission to destroy political correctness, and the obnoxious mainstream and conforming ways people live. I love Doug Stanhope.