Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Getting Fired #2

Yep, I got fired again. I asked to work different shifts for too many days. And my employer's at my staffing agency informed me that Van Guard had terminated my position. I had an interview for Express Employment scheduled for this upcoming Friday, but I thought "What the heck, might as well do it today." So I called up Express and they told me to come in at 2:30.

So I went, sat in traffic there and back. The interview didn't go all that well. My resume I submitted and the one I brought were different. So I had to lie to them about being fired only hours ago. So I was then forced to tell them that I had worked for Express in the past and was "let go" for coming to work late once.... Yeah right, moronic move. 

He was asking me my strengths and I wanted to say honesty, but I had not displayed honesty earlier so I left it out. As the interview ended he told me to call back around every week to see if they had anything for me. Terrible, just terrible. I should have lied completely and told him I had never worked for Express, and been able to say I worked at Van Guard for six whole months, but I instead half lied and made a half assed liar out of myself.

I left the building not feeling great about the interview. That's when I saw a super incredibly attractivly thick girl in leggings walk right past me. We made brief eye contact and all I could do was slightly smile. I wanted to check out her ass but was nervous to do so due to the elderly black woman across the street from me (we were both about to walk past each other on the crosswalk) .  I finally got a glimpse and was infuriated by the fact that I would never see her or her amazing behind again. I thought about if I had tried to chat her up, possibly get her phone number... etc. But I had a clipboard in my hand and was worrying about my car being towed. I was also worried about the surrounding strangers and what they would have thought of me, as if that matters in anyway. But those kind of things interfere with impulsive thoughts in my cowardly, half assed brain.

So as I drove home I was hanging on to the chance that I would see her and ask her to get into my car or some stupid moronic horse shit like that. And I had to tell myself that nothing probably would have happened if I did try to chat her up, but you never know right?? I guess, that's what I'm telling myself now.

I suppose the message here is to not live half assedly . I kinda sort of lied in my interview, and kinda sorta smiled at an attractive girl and left feeling barely alive. Acting on impulse and thinking rationally both have their goods and bads, but sometimes you just gotta "follow your heart". I don't know how to end this boring story, let's call it here.

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