Friday, July 22, 2016

Drunk Tale #6


It was a party where all of the different cliques showed up to meet and get to know each other. So everyone was getting drunk quickly to get over the nervous tension. I was doing so as well. It was a clashing of the nerds, pre wook hippies, and these types from other high schools.

I had almost a whole 5th of Captain Morgan to myself. And had some shots from some old buddies I'd met from Little League football and baseball.

This story is chronologically dis configured, but I'm portraying it as it occurred for me. I was completely wasted, blacking out. The night went on and when I awoke I was barely standing in the kitchen handing a female cop my ID, muttering "Can you give me my drugs back?" I was told this by some pre wooks days later, so that is not a confirmed memory. After that I was sitting on the stairs holding my phone as a male cop told me to call my parents for a ride home. I couldn't do it... When I tried dialing I turned on some music, (Datsik - Retreat - Excision Remix) Song BELOW.

I could not figure out how to turn it off. It was scary and very discombobulating. So the male cop took my phone and called my house for me as I drifted in and out of a painful drunken haze.

"Hi sir, we have your son here he is very intoxicated... Yes, you should come get him he is very intoxicated... Yeah he tried calling you but he couldn't. He's very intoxicated."

He must have said it five more times. After that my dad came to get me, we left the house and I knocked some patio light over with my foot and tried to quickly fix it until my dad dragged me away to go home. He made me some pizza rolls when we got home, I'm sure only he remember the conversation we had... I'm lucky he is a good fellow.

The next day I awoke with a huge scratch on my forearm. At some point, I found out what actually happened to me according to my friends who weren't as blacked out as me.

The buddies who drove me there were trying to leave, and could not find me. Apparently, I was passed out in a bush in the back yard. (How I got the scratch on my forearm.)
The cops busted in, and asked for all of our ID's, and as the female cop was holding mine I politely asked. "Can I have my drugs back?" 

 I don't know anything else that happened. That's it I think.

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