Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Internet and Social Media

In this day and age we have access to ALL of the information. When you look in the right places and find the right things to read/watch/listen to, you become far more informed than the generations before that did not have this kind of immediate access. Yet, there are still plenty of dumb people out there who know a lot of information. And with Social Media, dumb people are allowed to have a voice and spew there misspelled hatred online with this information that everyone has access to.

To me those are the two opposite spectrums of the Internet. People who use it to gain knowledge and insight on life to live better and prepare for their future. And people who use it to put out their dumb opinions, post their food on Snap chat and Instagram, and try to gain followers on Twitter for the sake of gaining followers.

When people try to project their happiness through social media, (Which I also do) they are feeding the stereotype of phone dwelling millenniums, and it keeps individuality in lock. When I put out something to say "I'm happier than you right now." I am responding to the other people on the Internet that are doing the same thing. Which keeps MY individuality down, we're feeding the machine, and putting other human beings down! 

We're reinfocing the stereotypes of Millennial jag nobs that only have value in what they shit out onto their Social Media platforms. And listen to the same garbage pop/rap music that is HORRENDOUS, with bad messages, especially to kids. And they have to play "Turn down for what" at every sporting event. Just because it is the most "popular" song, without listening to the lyrics before and shoving it out into public. To me, listening to these popular songs feeds into the stereotypical, materialistic American person. You may like these songs, I admit some of them are catchy. But to me, if you do like those songs, you just like them because EVERYBODY else does, and you want to fit it.

In females it has a different aspect. A lot of Snap chat/Instagram girls gain followers through twerking videos and promiscuous photos. "Not looking for a hook up." REALLY? Tinder profile where your cleavage is popping underneath your sultry blue eyes. But without these photos, there are still girls that just want lots of followers because they find value in being 'followed' by a lot of people.  Followers equals attention an "love". This is the same for men too, I personally would like more followers so more people could read this stupid blog and watch my stupid videos. 

The Internet is an amazing thing. It is rich with infinite information that most people abuse to try and gain notoriety through Social Media. People compare the amount of followers and put their value on that amount. When we could be taking in all of the rich information that is online, and applying it to our lives without having to tell everybody about it. But people just want to be famous NOW. Now... I want to be famous too. I want to be a successful Comedian/Actor/Writer which requires some notoriety. But what I've learned through Podcasts and research is that I don't want to be famous now.

If I can exercise my writing/acting/comedy in obscurity for years and years where I am growing in skill and knowledge. Then when I am older and well equipped, I can earn becoming famous, and be ready for whatever negative aspects come with it. And will be well rounded enough to maintain that notoriety. When people get famous too early, they fuck up and the whole world sees it, and they are often too young to recover. Besides they are at the age where they are supposed to be doing dumb shit! But not in front of the whole country... Like Justin Beiber.

People want instant gratification, that's why we jerk off and eat bad food. But patience, to me, is the key to success. And to be a part of something bigger than yourself takes time, practice and repetition.

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