Monday, June 20, 2016

SHOW: Baskets

If you do not know this show, it stars Zach Galifinakis as a rodeo clown, Chip Baskets. This is his dream that he is actively pursuing and is struggling through. His twin brother Dale Baskets, is the successful owner of BCC Baskets Community College, where he is both the dean, a student, and the janitor.  It is essentially Seth Galifinakis, the character of Zach's actual brother that has been developing over his career, and is finally being brought into fruition. They are compared by their mother Christine Baskets, (Louie Anderson) to her more successful adopted DJ twins, who often open for the Chemical Brothers.

It is directed by Jonathon Krisel who has directed Portlandia, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, and on SNL. Who describes the show as a 3 hour movie, and a slapstick drama... Though it is a Louie CK product, and his odd and absurd reality is very present. He breaks the rules of 'normal' reality, with honest border crossing behavior between characters. And the ending happens in such a way that these absurd elements all connect perfectly, and the story could continue for another season. Or be the end Baskets the show and still make perfect sense. That's great storytelling. When a story ends, the possibility of it picking up where it left off can happen or ending it, and it still leaves the audience satisfied.

It is hilarious, and super weird. Chip Baskets' has a similar hard headedness that Zach G seems to have in following what he believes in. And Louie Anderson is just a pleasant and wonderful surprise. He is hilarious, and plays the role of mom all too perfectly.

And there is a dark and depressing dramatic element. Regarding Chip's personal life and how his mother interferes in a way that just would not happen in real life. In a way that most parents are of afraid of truly upsetting their children, even though it is good for them. Among other dark turns that take place in each episode.

Martha is the monotone, benign female apprentice. She seems to always have a broken arm (which is never explained), her dry delivery is amazing. There are also various cameos, and it is just wondiferous.

 Below is an "Inside Look" at it's creation.

And below below is a slightly more dissected taste of the show.

GIVE IT A WATCH. You will be entertained and surprised and blown away.

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