Sunday, June 5, 2016

Drunken Idiots at Clubs

I work at a fancy night club, so I get to witness rich European and foreign buffoons pay thousands of dollars for bottle service while watching beautiful/skanky women parade around in skin suits. It is an interesting job where I get to observe these people, in their most horrible drunken states (3-4 in the morning.) I do enjoy seeing some of the regulars, smiling to attractive women when they enter, and the occasional drunken conversations that go something like"Dude, she has a dick."

To me it is the epitome of unnecessary extra curricular bullshit, when comparing it practically to starving people and such. Where these people are out trying to force a good time, spending WAY too much money to try and pick up women. And dance to commercial main stream garbage cunt vomit music that these people actually know the words to. I'm in luh wit da coco.. Yeah are you, really? Stupid god damn lyrics.

 I also see guys come in with their girlfriends.... WHY? You brought the woman to the place where you pick up other women. You don't need to come to the club, you already got a lady. Stay at home and do stuff to each other, don't waste all of your money and try to have a good time with other people for no reason. But, this is not a problem, just a silly observation of mine.

So I stand around in a certain area, I get to talk to cute girls, and chat with drunk Europeans, and usually I don't mind it, it can be very amusing. I do enjoy it, it seems like I am complaining, because this element of humanity disturbs and upsets me. And on occasion, fights will break out. 

When we close at 4:30am, people do not want to leave. Even though the music is turned off, the lights are turned on, and every security guard in there is telling them to leave. We have to yell at them over and over and over to "Please leave because we are closed". And we continue doing this once we get them outside in the parking lot. "You guys can go hang out in other parking lots, but you can't stay here." Is my favorite line that they rarely listen to. So that part is annoying, but it is better than being on the other side of this situation, and not making a drunken ass of my self anymore.

But before the parking lot. A fight broke out in the exit hallway. Twenty guards show up, I am way behind and don't really see anything, but get to pretend like I'm doing something. The fight goes to the parking lot. I go out to the parking lot, I can hear through my radio that my boss has one of the guys who was fighting and is keeping him safe by having someone else pull his car around to get him.

We're all out in the parking lot, it is getting light outside. (This was 5am this morning.) And then I see another collage of men in suits running towards the other side of the parking lot to stop another fight. Again I get to run over and witness my fellow guards taking care of the situation.

It just baffles me that morons want to start fights at clubs, when it's closing. Mostly because I have to kind of deal with those shenanigans. I am just so not in that world, and I appreciate the outside perspective I can have. It is loaded with funny things and can become great material. But if you have ever started or instigated a fight over a girl or any other bull shit reason you are an ass hole, and a stereotype of the drunken male attempting to display his testosterone. And you should all be forced to suck a cock at gun point.

Peace, Love, and Cocksucking!

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