Wednesday, June 8, 2016

COMEDIAN: Ralphie May

He was one of the first comedians I saw on Comedy Central. An obese southerner in a big leather jacket was an interesting sight to see, and something I never thought possible. He has a fearlessness regarding race, religion, and politics that is rare in white comics.

He crosses every line in a sophisticated and extremely satirical manner.  He has a bit on doing acid, and as he did it I realized that anything can be talked about on stage and it inspired me to believe I could do it.

Stand up is really the only thing he does too (a purist). He has his own back one hundred percent and no person or audience can scare him from the topics he chooses to talk about. He is able to defend himself completely and unabashedly.

The first special of his that I saw was Girth of a Nation, which really did change my life and inspire me. He has other specials like Too Big to Ignore, Austin Tatious, and Just Correct, (Which is below) 

His newer ones on Netflix are Unruly and Imperfectly Yours which I liked better. It is hilarious and he kills it and displays his fearlessness and not giving a fuck about anything attitude.

I love Ralphie May and I always will. He is one of the first I've seen, I have a great respect for his comic POV and only relying on himself to create comedy to change the world.

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