Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Opie and Anthony Show

I'm assuming most of the people that read these are not familiar. But they were a radio show on XM and may other networks for twenty years or so. I never listened to them on the radio, but I discovered them through Jim Norton and have watched/listened to a but hole load of their stuff on YouTube.

Anthony was fired about two years ago for ranting via Twitter about being attacked by a black woman, and it is now Opie with Jim Norton. But I am still able to listen to all of their old stuff, a lot of Patrice O'Neal who has been dead for 5 or so years. I discovered many other comics through their show, like Rich Vos, Colin Quinn, Bob Kelly, and many other Comedy Cellar Comics that bust each others balls mercilessly.

It is kind of a mean spirited radio show, they pick on the disabled and the ill advised, but it is hilarious. They had all of my favorite comics on their, and they just shit on each other. It's like rap battling without out rapping, but just quick witted meanness, and it's amazing to listen to.

This is one that made me laugh a LOT
These guys are so dumb, and it's awesome!

This is the show that displayed all of Jim Norton's hilarious characters
 This is the long awaited animated show with all of Jim Norton's characters. There are plenty of long and short clips with all of these characters that are only audio.

I've never been a radio guy, but with YouTube, I am able to listen to these clips through my phone whenever I'm doing things with my hands or my legs. (Cooking, driving, running, playing video games.)  It's a good way for me to jam more comedy inside me when I can't watch a TV show.

It's really funny and it's worth a listen, especially the roasts they have. There are only a few, but the Early Norton Roast is incredible...

Most people don't have this much time to "WASTE" but it's a great alternative to music, and it is more educational, at least for me, than music.

This adresses how I discovered them.

I have them to thank for not feeling so alone, and laughing my balls off.

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