Thursday, May 19, 2016

SHOW: Trailer Park Boys

This is one of my most favoritest shows. I remember when I first watched it. New Years Eve of 2013 to 2014. All of my friends went to Iowa Cityand had a grand ol' time, and I stayed home because I had brushed my hose to hard and had an itchy wee wee. It's an ongoing problem, doctors don't know what's wrong with my hose.... So anyway, I turned it on the Netflix and instantly loved it. Two frenemies getting out of jail heading back to the trailer park to meet up with their old pals and nemesis'. 

There was an instant bond of antagonism with Randy and Mr. Lahey. Ricky hated them, and they were going to keep their eyes peeled on him and Julian. Their enemy relationship is always rich for  plot and story. And Bubbles the friendly cat loving shed dweller who glues everybody together with his love and innocence is great.

There is an amazing chemistry between all of the characters. They can all get mad and hate each other in a very close and believable way. Because deep down they love each other, and are a big family that live in the same home... Sunnyvale Trailer Park.

The show is hilarious. Ricky has a science to his moronicism in his mispronunciations with words and lack of knowledge regarding anything. Which is met by his amazing ability to outwit cops and talk his way out of almost any situation. Bubbles is undeniably great because he is so lovable with his big glasses, and the way he points at everything. Julian is a great straight man, and he ALWAYS HAS A DRINK in his hand, which is an amazing staple to his character.

Drunk Lahey is probably the funniest thing ever. When he's on the liquor and he loses control of his life is amazing to watch. Randy is great because he "Frig's everybody off" and I love when he says "Frig off, Ricky" and he never wears a shirt, which is hilarious. J Roc is an amazing character, and hilarious with his white rapper ness. 

I don't want to go into all of the characters but they all bring something important to the show, and create the sense  of community. They have defined their characters so much for so long. I hear rumors of them just going out to get drunk as their characters, which is amazing character study. I'm not a big fan of their live shows on Netflix, but it's obvious that doing live shows like that builds more strength to their character. 

All of their movies are amazing, and they really cannot be stopped, they'll be hilarious until they die and I love the shit out of this show.

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