Monday, May 23, 2016

PC existence

This is going to sound like a drug fueled rant, but it is something I have thought a lot about. I am kind of able to express these opinions, but am still missing some vital pieces and points to back up this argument.

People are programmed in a way that accommodates to the system in place. The school system for example. Obviously it is important to learn basic skills (reading, writing, math) to function with effectiveness. But through out our school careers we are told that we have to go to college to get a job and become successful. This is not true in the case of every individual. Some schooling is necessary for certain jobs (doctors, etc.) But for most other jobs people think they have to go to college for at least four years to get a decent one.

"You can't be a Musician! Comedian! Actor! Somebody who can express their opinions unlike me... A grumpy school teacher who didn't follow their DREAMS!"

 This leaves people in debt to the government, for most of their lives. And some people who have graduated are upset at the fact that they cannot drink every weekend and have real responsibilities now. Why do you think they say college is the best time of your life? So you will go and be in debt to the government for most of your life after college.

So we are fed this idea of "If you don't pay attention, you won't get a good score on your ACT... No college... No money." A teacher told me something like this... She was my FILM teacher at SIU... Film! She's forty something years old and is still in debt. Teachers are taught this and are hanging anxiety over students to get more college. Which is a myth, it's a way to keep people in line so they won't mess with the system. Because messing with the system makes it harder for the government to maintain control over the masses.

A Machiavelli quote "Since love and fear can hardly exist together if we must choose between them, it is far safer to be feared than loved." The government cannot rule in love because it would not work. With big numbers of people, fear is much more effective. That's why the news is fear instilling propaganda that makes people buy shit they believe will protect them.

To rule in love, people would have to be more accepting, and for starters, not attack people of high status who express their opinions. Most people are actually good, but some people are not nice and are bitter about their life. Therefore, love cannot accommodate to everyone. When people go against the system, out of love for their fellow man it is harder for them. Seeing true social injustice and trying to do something about it is a much harder path to go down, but ultimately more rewarding People that 'push the envelope' are necessary forces of nature. Because if we all abide by the rules, we would all be bald and emotionless drones that live to serve the government.

SOUTH PARK is an important show, they have earned the right to say anything they want because they've been speaking their mind unrestricted for decades. Regardless of death threats and legal threats, they have sacrificed themselves for the greater good of free speech. And phony bologna cunts who fake outrage at entertainment like SOUTH PARK and other politically incorrect media are unconsciously 'following the rules' to 'keep us in line'.

When LOUIS C.K. did a bit on child molesters in his SNL monologue, Twitter blew up with these people. One woman said, "... My heart aches for America." What she is doing here is trying to sound deep and caring, and speaking on behalf of The Nation, imaginary people that she does not know, who she is generating for her own benefit. People are punished for speaking their mind because it fucks up the system and makes people harder to control.

And speaking about child molestation in a funny way is not righting any social injustice, but it is to offend annoying douche throats who feel like they can put a lid on how far comedy can go.

I am not speaking on behalf of anyone else, I'm not a notorious figure who has had my work scorned for being inappropriate, but I just felt like saying this. Do what you feel in your heart and your mind, not what you think you should do with the least amount of resistance. 

People seek immediate gratification at the expense of long term fulfillment. This is not so much about college, it is still beneficial and to be honest I am envious to some degree of my peers who have graduated. But phony social justice 'warrior' cunts, who do it for the sake of seeming deep and caring appall me. Do it for the purpose of bettering your own world, and bothering the people who try to make life shitty for you. And in using 'cunt' I'm not slandering the place from 'whence I came' or disrespecting women . I'm insulting the people who disgust me, and using that word upsets them.

Again, I am generating these people to hate on my behalf. I'm not entirely sure of what kind of point I'm trying to make here. If you enjoyed it, that's grand. I am a tall white male, so I should have nothing to be upset about, right? I still am, people bother me, and individuality is not rewarded. 

That's why people listen to the same shitty music as everybody else. People do the shit that everyone else is doing to fit in, it feels good to fit in and be accepted. But a lot of people do not truly self analyze, and to me it makes for shittier human beings, that's all I'm trying to do, make better human beings. Which I cannot do, but only attempt.

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