Saturday, May 7, 2016

My Third Cousin Has Been In Prison Since He Was Sixteen

His name is Brad Warner. He is my father's cousin's first born son. So my father's cousin was named Stu, he was about my dad's age (59), I only met him a handful of times. He had a big hardened belly and an amazing attitude and friendliness towards people. I got to get to know him and hang out with him at my dad at their friends lake house. Those few times were incredible. Just being around this gregarious seemingly care free guy. Who had been living with the knowledge of his sons life sentence.

I don't know all of the details but, Brad and two other friends strangled a young girl to death to steal her car. He was sentenced to life in prison at sixteen. One year later the laws had changed, and he would not have been tried as an adult. So he slipped through the cracks and has been stuck in prison ever since.. He is around 40 now. During his time in prison he has become extremely knowledgeable about the law, and is very well written.

The few first times I met Stu was at (their friend) Wally's lake house, and it was awesome. A delightful place for adults to let loose and fuck around, and for me to watch and partake and enjoy.  Stu had been divorced twice and had remarried a woman named Tammy. At first she seemed extremely vivacious and care free, smoking weed with us and having a good time. But she is an alcoholic, and is a bit off key, (crazy).

They had been married for a few years and it was rumored that Stu wanted to divorce Tammy. Later, Stu died, and his will was "nowhere to be found."

Brad found out about this and has been researching and building a case against Tammy since then . He has been in court with Tammy via Skype to defend his dead father. I'm not sure of any up to date details on this case. I am not sure on the whereabouts of this case. But last time I talked to Brad he seemed very busy.

So it is rumored that Tammy may have killed Stu, and at the funeral she had a fake look of despair and barely running mascara that really turned me off. She was not truly sad for the death of her late husband, unlike her own kids, a few men I liked that were Tammy's sons were crying because they seemingly loved Stu more than she did. This was in the summer of 2013 and Brad has been gathering and collecting evidence to try and get back some of the money and belongings she has taken from him and Stu's other two kids.

I got to meet the younger siblings of Brad. Brian, and Brooke the youngest. They were both great people and great parents, and some of the only other 'Warner's' I now know. Brooke has served in the Military for at least fifteen years and I have maintained somewhat a relationship with her through Face Book. She is supportive of my creativity and is a great person.

I originally wrote this in attempts to spread the support for Brad, he was eligible for parole and requested letters to be written on his behalf... I did not work out I don't think. I have not talked to him for over a year and a half. The last letter I wrote him he has not responded to. I also moved to Chicago so he does not have  my current address.

I hope you enjoyed learning some details about my exterior family. I love them and mean no disrespect in sharing these stories and information.

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