Tuesday, May 24, 2016


To me, humor was the only thing I looked for in other people. All of my friends have a sense of humor or are funny themselves. It's strange to me that everybody doesn't want to be a comedian.

When I am with a group of guys, the only real thing I can think to bring them is funny. Other than being kind or going deeper than regular small talk, funny has to be there.

Without humor, we would all kill ourselves from extreme grief. Comedy is a huge way to get through horrible events in our lives. When somebody dies, there has to be some kind of jokes made or funny memories to be shared or else grief would consume us, and we would have no escape from the dark reality.

When people joke offensively about cancer or suicide it has a purpose. Either to make light of their own situation, or others situations. Most likely those comedians have been effected directly by something horrible, like a family member's suicide or death from cancer.

Or it could be just to offend people, which to me has value in regards to annoying the PC police. People think comedians joke about horrible shit because they can get away with it, but it is to get through their life without hating themselves so much. And finding inner peace when they can share that with others.

Deep down, comedians have a true love for people, and human nature. They are willing to sacrifice their own privacy and dwell in the dark thoughts that EVERYBODY has. Most people are grateful to the person who said those 'offensive' words.

I feel best when I am making somebody laugh that I feel needs it. Just to make them possibly feel better about their situation, or to forget about it just for that moment. And to me, that's why I don't see why everybody wouldn't want to get PAID to do that. Everything needs satirizing and it seems WAY to rewarding to make a living doing comedy in some way. I want to make others feel the same way that my favorite comedians have made me feel about my own life and living in general.

Whether it is just silly and serves the purpose of making someone laugh. Or to prove a social point and bring some kind of closure or a different point of view to a topic. Comedy is a necessary force, and will always be around to push the envelope, so we as a society will not be destroyed by our own suppression and sadness.

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