Wednesday, May 25, 2016

My First Time Getting Drunk


I was a sophomore in high school, and was with my good friend David at my child hood home in Palatine when my parents were gone. 

A while back I had been looking for something in the laundry room, and discovered some bottles of booze. It peaked my curiosity, as I'd never been drunk before. David and I had been smoking weed together for awhile, and sitting there bored on this night I remembered the booze cabinet and had the urge to get drunk. David had been drunk before, but was apparently in a phase of being apposed to it. So he hit me with a quote.

"Bob Marley once said that 'Alcohol is the destruction of society, and marijuana is the healer.'" So I retorted. "Well that sounds nice but I'm going to get drunk anyway."

So I went over to the liquor cabinet and started drinking straight from some bottle of vodka. I went back in to hang with him for a bit, then I would return to the cabinet to drink more. David soon felt left out so he forgot about Bob Marley and joined me. 

"You're not using a chaser?" He Asked. "What's a chaser?" I asked."I'll go get one." David said as he went to the garage to grab two Mountain Dews.  

So we began taking shots and chasing it with the tasty Mountain Dew. The first beginning, tingly buzzing sensations of being drunk soon started kicking in, and I'm sure a dumb smile persisted on my face. I was beginning to experience being drunk and it was grand. It felt like David and I were adding a new level to our friendship.

Once we were a few shots in we grew bored with my house and felt like going to Robin Park to smoke. So we poured the vodka into a water bottle, brought the Dew along with some weed, a lighter, and a bowl. We walked into the night with a new sense of adventure.

We drank on the way to Robin Park, and once we got there we packed the bowl. I took the first hit, handed it to David and looked up to the stars in a state of bliss. We finished smoking, and were good and crunk, so we started back to my house. 

As we were walking back I had to pee. So we stopped by a creek, and I pulled my dangus out to urinate. David put his hands on my shoulders and I had the thought of "This feels right." In any other moment or context it would have felt inappropriate. I finished and we went back to my place.

Once we got home we were bored once again and needed something to do. So David says, "Dude, I'm horny I gotta bate it." I was taken aback a bit, but I understood and complied. 

"Okay. I have a laptop in my room, there's lotion too, just grab some tissues  from the bathroom."  Which provoked him to reply. "Hold on. Where's Cody? I want Cody." Cody is my little white dog. So I said. "NO!" and was forced to repeat myself several times. 

David went around looking for Cody, he found him and grabbed him, trying to bring him to my room, and I grabbed him back, pushing David away.  He tried to convince me that he just wanted him in there with him but I wasn't having it, and told him to go jerk off in my room alone.

I didn't want to be the only person not jerking off in my parent's house so I went into my dad's office to 'bate it.' I started and I looked down to see Cody hiding under my dad's desk quivering in fear that David was going to do things to him. 

So that made me finish quicker... Not really, but I finished first. I went up to my room to knock and check on him. "You finished?" "No hold on." David said as I went back downstairs. 

I sat in the reassurance that I had finished first. He finally finished, and bored once again we decided to sleep over at his house as his mom and brother were gone. We walked over to his place, he went to sleep and I 'bated it' once more. We woke up the next day and I told him I did this in his brothers room where I slept. 

 That was the first time I got drunk, that last part is unnecessary to the story, but I figured what the heck. 

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