Saturday, May 7, 2016

COMEDIAN: Jim Gaffigan

He is a guy that makes it seem effortless. His silliness and his dryness compliment his family friendly darkness. He is able to say satirical things that are bordering on offense while remaining "clean".
He writes amazing jokes. "I got into a hammock with my cousin and he still won't talk to me." Brilliant...

Amazing, he was one of the first stand ups I remember watching on TV. It was King Baby and his amazing take on bowling. And I remembered thinking I could do that. Now I know that I have a long way to go. I am not too familiar with him as an actor. I've never seen Sooper Troopers all the way through, I remember him briefly on That 70's Show. But I do remember him on a Sierra Mist commercial with Micahel Ian Black that I cannot find.. But it went something like this...

Jim: "There's only one Sierra Mist left, you wanna rock paper scissors for it?"
Michael: "Sure."
(They rock paper scissors shoot, Michael shoots scissors, Jim shoots paper and he immediately grabs the last Sierra Mist and begins drinking it.)
Michael: "What are you doing, I beat you." 
Jim: "Well it was in water, so the scissors would have gotten all rusty and then the paper scoops it up."

I know... Hilarious. But he has an ease to his genius, I know he works hard at his craft but he does not make that seem so at all.

I believe all of his specials are Beyond the Pale, King Baby, Obsessed, Mr. Universe and his book Dad is Fat is hilarious too. You can find all of these things on YouTube I'm sure, and his books in book places.

I love you Jim Gaffigan.

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