Friday, March 25, 2016

YouTube and creating

My last post was going to be another drunk tale, but my internet kept getting fucked up. I feel some kind of pressure to do more of these posts since I paid a whole $12.00 a year to start this blog. But I have recently been getting back into editing. I only am able to use iMovie, so I am limited, but it still feels great.

Editing is like writing in a lot of ways because you have to make yourself do it sometimes, but once you are doing it, you are glad you started. I have been getting excited about a new project, a sequel to something I made for a film class two years ago. 

Here is the link below.

BELOW is the new one, "The Sequel" 

I have also been able to make videos by myself with my webcam without the assistance of others. One thing that stand up offers is being able to do the shit yourself, but having to leave your home to go to open mics. With film making you generally have to have a crew to make it happen. The way that it's so easy now, anyone can be their own innovator, and sketch through webcam has really helped me not go insane when I am stuck in my house alone.

There is a sequel to this video that you can find on my YouTube page, and I hope to make many more as well. Below is my YouTube page. To check out the rest of my amazingly sub par collection.

Whenever I'm trapped in my mind with negative thoughts and the presence of my scars. I find tranquility in creating comedy and compelling entertainment for others in hopes that they will like it and want to collaborate with me.


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