Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Drunk Tale #2


I was freshly 21 and was hitting the bars heavily in Palatine. During this time I was on Paxil CR (SSRI Anti depressant) and was extremely confident and full of myself. I was feeling great about starting classes at Second City, which made me more comfortable with women and intruding on people's business at bars.

It was a sport for me to hit on girls with boyfriends. For some reason, it was my way of getting under the "alpha male's" skin and getting myself into trouble. Just pissing people off for it's own sake. My nights would end with me feeling darkly satisfied in having gotten some people's attention. A weird smiley negativity that was the main reason I would drink and stay out so late .

I had read that beer makes you're throat more clogged, I have this problem in general so I decided not to drink beer anymore. So I was at home with my friend and we pre gamed with wine.When we got to whatever bar we ordered some mixed drinks. And shot girls came up to us and gave me their last two shots of fireball. Once I was drunk, I felt like chilling out on some beer and disregarded my intentions of doing without it. So this mixture of alcohol began stirring in my stomach throughout the night, and it was coming to haunt me soon. I have no idea what happened to my friend or anything specific from that night, except for once I got home.

I'd been blacking out hard, and in a foggy haze I was wandering around my kitchen confused and physically unable to go to bed. I was pacing back and forth holding my own shit in my hands, with my shitty pants around my ankles. When I reemerged, my dad was pushing me into the shower fully clothed. I laid there and shat the rest of my brains out, and somehow my dad got me into bed.

For many months after that, my carpet stunk of shitty residue, and I was reminded of that night. But it didn't teach me a good enough lesson because Drunk Tale #3 came a week or so after this event. Coming Soon!!

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