Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Absurdity in Life

I am a big fan of absurdity, I try to use it in all of the un fourth wall type of comedy I create.

Louie CK is a great absurdist,  his show has some greatly subtle and weird reality bending things. Like a man blindly bumping into him over and over as if he does it professionally.

Lewis Carroll is another amazing absurdist. People believe that Alice in Wonderland is the acid trip of a young girl. When really it's just the opposite of everything. He was a mathematician and a logician, his stories are very calculated and illogical. The second chapter of the book starts off with Alice consciously falling down the rabbit hole and reacting to the objects she is seeing. Apparently, he began the story by "going down the rabbit hole" and everything else fell into place. He allowed himself to go to that place in his mind that most people don't know they have.

Normal people think this is fueled by drugs, but it's just wild imagination being released. Everyone has an imagination but most people drag themselves through a shitty job rather than try to exploit what's hidden inside. We all can be absurd, because all of it is already nonsense.

Unlike animals we are conscious of our existence, but we just deal with life rather than introspect. It's absurd that we are constantly ingesting and releasing fluids and solids. It's absurd that we stick our units inside one another and people grow inside of the female body. It's absurd that people play it safe in life so that they can eventually die with regret.

Look at yourself and feel your mind think. This life is all we're guaranteed, and it's absurd that everyone doesn't follow their dreams out of fear or failure. It makes sense that we have created an afterlife because the cosmic joke of our existence is that "It's going to get better."

That's why I like absurdist humor is what I'm trying to say I guess... I like to make up weird shit that I laugh at and I believe that others will too. "Someday" "Tomorrow" are just terms. If you think about "Midnight" that's when the day turns over. The number goes up one and it's now a Thursday and not Wednesday anymore... Bullshit! time is all we have but it means nothing! And with nothing you can create infinitely.

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