Thursday, February 18, 2016

Trump Vs. Bush

I don't care about politics, it only frustrates me to see these guys arguing, and trying to make each other look bad. But I went in for an interview for a satirical news program, where I had to write 8-12 sentences on Donald Trump and Jeb Bush. I do have opinions about them, so here is the sample I submitted.

Trump supporters enjoy his “honesty” and his “shooting from the hip” attitude. Although, it’s safe to say that he has not shot from his hips in many years without the support of male enhancing drugs. Joe Klein describes Trump supporters as “low information voters”, or as Trump would put “Mexicans”.
Trump has enough money to waste several years trying to become the president, so why wouldn’t he bother people with shocking statements and ideas? Best-case scenario he can occupy the White House, and attempt to have his name embedded on the side. But hey, at least we have a Bush brother running against him, Joe Klein quoted Jeb Bush as “one of the most substantive people out there.” America has clearly decided substantively that his brother George was one of the worst presidents in history. So substantively, Jeb should do a fine job on reputation alone. Trump is forcing all of the Republican candidates to stoop down to his lower than average level of insulting and smear campaigning “That’s simply not true,” are his competitors best defenses. He makes up stories for them to defend, just to distract them from the real issues, his hair and his hair. Whether you’re for Jeb Bush, Donald Trump or anyone else, bottom line is whoever wins, will have made their opponent look worse than them, and America will “change”. 

This took me about an hour an hour to write, based off reading from two articles for inspiration. I enjoyed the challenge, and even if I don't get the job, I have this writing sample. So... Politics. I really don't give a shit who wins, because they are all conniving, back stabbing phonies. So fuck 'em both. I just realized that Trump supporters would not be Mexicans, because he dislikes them... shit. 

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