Monday, February 15, 2016

SHOW: Breaking Bad

This is the best show that has ever happened. I'd put off watching the series because of seeing a death at the end of season four, and witnessing what I saw as a major spoiler. I finally gave in and watched the whole series in 11 days.   Spoilers Below

It is so fucking compelling and juicy. Every SINGLE episode ends with a cliff hanger. It would have been extremely frustrating having to watch it weekly, as it aired. I almost never watched just one episode at a time. 

The dialogue is really amazing, Jesse and Walt's relationship is so odd and deep, and it's hilarious. There back and forths are filled with frustrating jokes and a weird bond. The drama is so mind blowing and intense, that the humor that is plopped in keeps you from stressing out on Walt's behalf. My parents couldn't watch it because they were to stressed out by it.... A TV show caused them anxiety. It caused me stress to, I was so invested in this world. That's good fucking writing, when you cause the audience actual stress.

One of the best juxtapositions of the series was after Walt reenters living with Skyler through his sneaky and caniving new ways. He is making dinner and she struts up to him and says "I fucked, Ted." She walks away and all you see is his destroyed face. 
 The next episode starts off with Walt storming into her office looking for Ted. He starts dragging a heavy plant towards Ted's office, Skyler see's him.

"Walt, what are you doing?"
(Walt looks up at her) "I'm just talking with, Ted."

BOOM, fucking comedy genius right there. Stacking those two episodes back to back showed the incredible layers and range of the show.    

At the end of each episode, I was SURE that Walt would not be able to get out of whatever jam he was in, but he did EVERY time. When I try writing a story, I try to avoid getting my characters into trouble because it's hard to figure a way how to get them out of it. But Vince Gilligan is so genius that he dragged Walt through almost every possible horrible scenario

And the ending was superb, an ultimate finale. No show in history has ever ended so perfectly in my opinion. I was fucked up mentally after that ending, like I was after almost every episode as well. God damn it was too good. 

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