Saturday, February 20, 2016

Kicked out of the show TWICE!!

I went to a Pretty Lights concert at Illinois State University (ISU) in 2012. The venue was set up in a way that a bowl/pit was in the middle, which you needed a wristband for. I was stuck in the stands with chairs above the bowl with most of my friends. So like the year before when I saw Bassnectar at this venue, I jumped into the bowl with all of my friends and enjoyed the show snaking through sweaty dudes to grind on ladies.

On the first attempt, I jumped in alone. I might have taken a few steps until I felt two guards grabbing me. They had a hold of my arms until I RIPPED away hard, and they did not like that at all... I soon felt five or six guards man handling me towards the exit.

One guard had my right arm jammed up behind my back, another guard had his arm wrapped around my neck choking me, and the others were pushing me out. I was resisting because that was my instinct, and if I stopped resisting I felt I might have fallen over from the pressure behind me. We made it outside, two of the guards were cops, one of them yanked my wallet out of my back pocket, and took the tiny amount of weed inside of it.   

"Don't go back in and we won't give you a possession charge."

Why would that stop me? I was upset for a minute until I walked around the side of the venue where the smoking area was. An area closed off by a three foot tall railing, so I hopped that and went right back inside. I found some of my friends still hanging back in the stands. I told them how I was kicked out, and waited for them to try and jump in as a group. It would be impossible for them to grab all of us.

I waited for a few of my friends, as they jumped in I quickly followed them. I landed right near an overweight security guard knocking him over. So he got up and began forcing me out of the same door.

"Why are you kicking me out?!"
"Because you knocked me over."

He was a heavy gentleman, and I don't blame him for being upset about falling over. So I didn't resist this time, knowing I could sneak back in through the smoking area. I reentered the outside, I saw the two cops who had already kicked me out, luckily they just looked at me.

So I hopped back in through the smoking area, and jumped back into the bowl shortly after and had fun bumping and grinding against dames to the music. It was quite the show. I'd never been kicked out of a show twice before that or since.

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