Sunday, February 14, 2016

First day on the Job

I found a job on Craigslist for a security company. I am not a tough guy in any sense, more so a panzee, but I am big and shady, so I figured I would take advantage of my size. After being interviewed and going to orientation, I was assigned my first shift, 11pm-5am at an expensive night club in Chicago called Cuvee on a Saturday night. I was excited but intimidated, like I said my pan is full of anzee. I arrived to the parking lot near the club to be met by one of the guards, Max. He walked me to the club, and on the way he introduced me to being a respectful security guard at an expensive night club full of rich Europeans.

We arrived at the club and he introduced me to some of the other guards and then showed me around the club. He showed me every post, and what duties are to be fulfilled at them. He hooked up my mic to my shirt and walkie talkie. The night was beginning and he continued explaining everything to me. Basically trying to make me feel comfortable and safe in asking him or anyone else questions.

So patrons began showing up, and I was posted up by the main office and back exit. I had a question so I called him over "Max Office/Exit, Max Office/Exit". I made eye contact with him from across the club, and he looked at me confused. When he came over he was smiling and said "My name's Tom." And we laughed good naturedly about that.

So, Tom was circling the club through out the night, and would pop by to check on me from time to time. Everything was going all right until about 4am. To my right was an entrance to the VIP section, and I saw a shove. There were lots of guards swarming some muscley spikey haird patrons, and I saw them go towards the opposite exit of me.

Later, through my ear piece, I started hearing the occasional "Where's Tom", "We can't find Tom." I was very confused. Guards began rushing in and out of the office and exit I was posted by. Then police men showed up looking for the owner at the office door. It was very disorienting, and I had no idea what to do but stay at my post.

So around 5am we had the patrons leave the club, and all of the guards met in the back area. During the VIP incident, six men were escorted out. And, Tom somehow was the only one left outside with them. These guys beat the shit out of Tom, and he was sent to the hospital. 

Our head guard was obviously furious, he was questioning the guard who's post was at the exit where the escort took place. 

"So Tom's outside getting his ass hole kicked in, banging on the door, and nobody let me know. You Troy, what happened that was your post."
"I was at my fucking post, and then you guys told me not to move." 
"You're fired, get the fuck out."

So Troy's gone. Ironically, Tom introduced me to him at the beginning of my shift.

"That's Troy, he's been a guard here a long time, he's a good dude."

Apparently he's not really, because he let our second in command get jumped. Another guy who was pretty new began yelling about the firing of Troy, he was confused why he was fired for cursing at our head guard. He ranted and raved a bit longer until he left on his own. He didn't come back.

Our head guard ended up talking to a security guard who overlooks the company about the whole incident. The rest of us guards were standing in the back room sulking contemplatively. This intense bomb was dropped on us all, and an odd sense of disoriented camaraderie was forming.The overlooking security guard came in to speak to us all, and none the less he was peeved. He explained to us how one of their gun carrying security guards was shot and killed recently. And now we let one of our guys get sent to the hospital. When he stopped, we all left for the parking lot as a group and went home.

So I was fucked up from that. My first day on the job, and the guy who showed me the ropes got jumped. I did not sleep, I stayed up and made a group call with my members at the Landmark Forum at 10am, and went to my Movement class at Second City at noon.

I felt scared, like I wanted to quit. But more so I feel a need to make sure that doesn't happen again. And my next two shifts since then have been much more precautionary, and I feel much closer to my fellow guards from that horrible incident...

I no longer work there, nobody was jumped after that incident. 

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