Tuesday, February 2, 2016


The Roast Master General, is one of my favorites. I read his book "I Only Roast The Ones I Love" for the second time and its phenomenal. It's really funny, sweet, philosophical and informative, not only about his life but with his technique and insight to roasting. He is a very giving person, and the book is a tool to any future roasters.

I am lucky to say that I saw him and he roasted me. It was incredible to watch him work, and to see how comfortable he was with making eye contact and examining people. I laughed my balls off, but I froze up when he put the mic in front of me. One thing he did that was amazing is he shut down the obnoxious drunken idiots that were yelling the whole show.

"Hey be quiet, you could talk if you had the balls to come up here!" Is something like what he told them. It was more eloquent and more on the money, then he proceeded to make fun of my height and attire.

I got to shake his hand and tell him I was honored, and he told me "You're a good man". And I'll never forget those words.

Not only is he one of the ballsiest comics alive, but he's one of the funniest and one of the most sincere. I love him and would be honored to meet him and be roasted by him again.

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