Wednesday, February 10, 2016

COMEDIAN: Brian Regan

Anybody who's anybody knows anybody. And that anybody is Brian Regan. He is without a doubt one of the funniest and most respected pure stand ups in history. He is one that makes it look easy.

He is the cleanest and most absurdly observational fella this side of the juniper berry.
He can talk about pop tarts for hours, or fig newtons, and you can't help but listen and laugh your taint off.

He takes any minuscule ordinary topic and blows it up in a way that makes you think "How did I not think of that?" He makes it click in your brain and you love him for it.

He is also one of the few comics that is purely a stand up. Many of them bleed over into acting/writing/etc. (Which is what I hope to do). But he has literally carved out his OWN path. Decades of doing only Stand up has made him a respected, HILARIOUS, and wealthy human being.

If we had to leave the Earth for Mars, Brian Regan would have to be the first guy to bring with on the list (or form). He'd keep the world entertained, and out of our miserable lives until his last breath. Because he lives for making others happy. He is a truly noble guy, going up by himself for so many years just to make the world a better place.

His cleanness is completely respected, because it's undeniably funny. I believe that he does not use blue humor because he doesn't want to upset people, and because it makes him work harder for solid laughter, and ultimately funnier. I love some good blue humor, but it's nearly impossible not to LOVE Brian Regan. He will without a doubt go down in the history books (Or history kindles) as one of the Greatest of all times.

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