Monday, January 18, 2016

Smart Phones

 Smart phones are ruining people. People used to sit in a room and twiddle their thumbs, or read a magazine. Now people sit and look at their phones to avoid themselves and others, and it becomes a habit. You don't have to linger in an awkward situation anymore, you can just whip out your phone and reject reality.

The world is so FUCKING big! And when you look at your phone constantly it becomes a pinpointed rejection of reality. And people get lost in looking up useless shit online or checking their Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Vine/Snapchat/whateverthefuckelse.

At a concert I saw this girl who had not left her phone the entire show. There was an amazing display of orchestrated music and lights that she PAID for and was not even trying to enjoy it. Most people just take videos of concerts and spend half the time posting it and changing the filter, when they could be enjoying it with their actual eyes in real time.

 It's a nervous and immature reflex to whip out your phone, it's the easy way out. Like talking about the weather. But people don't even do that anymore! If you're on an elevator, half of the people are scrolling through their phones looking at their shitty friends projecting their happiness with photos.

It seems bizarre to me that people even communicate physically anymore. I try to tell my freind to get off his phone, or try and ask someone a question and get NO response. It's frustrating to be ignored when you're trying to help someone. It's obviously unhealthy, yet we constantly do it. Every guy has walked up to a girl and been rejected by the glare of the phone from her face.

I do it too, but I am aware of it. That's all you need is self awareness. Realize that you are looking at your phone, and ask yourself why you are doing it. You're bored? You want to look up a random fact to prove your freind wrong? Or is there someone in the same room with you that you don't like? People are becoming dumber, because they don't have to remember anything or know anything. They can just plug reminders in their phone and look shit up. 

So next time you're sitting on a train, or waiting in a lobby, try just SITTING there. Practice being bored, there is value in doing nothing, and just being. We are human "beings" not human "doings". That sounds corny but it's true. People used to just sit on the grass with a rock and a stick. Try sitting on a bench for 2 minutes without looking at your phone, you'll enjoy it more.

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