Saturday, January 30, 2016

COMEDIAN: Pete Holmes

I'm not sure how I discovered Pete Holmes, but it was right before his show aired after Conan for a brief period. October 28th 2013 (The day after I turned 20) to however long 80 episodes later was. The Pete Holmes Show has a lot of great monologues, sketches, and interviews you can find online.

In stand up comedians, overt positivity is not very common, but Pete Holmes is able to do it genuinely and seemingly effortlessly. (More 'ly' ending words Luke. They'll listen more better.) He has an energy that either draws you to him or revolts you. I'm not sure if that's a compliment... Sorry Pete. (Like I know him like that.)

He often has a great message about humanity wrapped up in his silly and boisterous delivery... End of sentence.  Which is displayed in his podcast You Made It Weird. It is very funny, and I'm a big fan of interview style podcasts. So I download the comedians I love and listen to those ones. He often talks about the meaning of life and God/religion in a very deep and interesting way, that can easily turn to douchey mush talk. But he always keeps it in an entertaining and funny pocket floating above douchey mushness.
I'm trying to compliment him, I don't know if this is a very good job. Just check him out on YouTube and listen to his Podcast. 

He seems like a genuine dude seeking enlightenment through laughter and sharing himself. There... That's a compliment

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