Saturday, January 30, 2016

COMEDIAN: Pete Holmes

I'm not sure how I discovered Pete Holmes, but it was right before his show aired after Conan for a brief period. October 28th 2013 (The day after I turned 20) to however long 80 episodes later was. The Pete Holmes Show has a lot of great monologues, sketches, and interviews you can find online.

In stand up comedians, overt positivity is not very common, but Pete Holmes is able to do it genuinely and seemingly effortlessly. (More 'ly' ending words Luke. They'll listen more better.) He has an energy that either draws you to him or revolts you. I'm not sure if that's a compliment... Sorry Pete. (Like I know him like that.)

He often has a great message about humanity wrapped up in his silly and boisterous delivery... End of sentence.  Which is displayed in his podcast You Made It Weird. It is very funny, and I'm a big fan of interview style podcasts. So I download the comedians I love and listen to those ones. He often talks about the meaning of life and God/religion in a very deep and interesting way, that can easily turn to douchey mush talk. But he always keeps it in an entertaining and funny pocket floating above douchey mushness.
I'm trying to compliment him, I don't know if this is a very good job. Just check him out on YouTube and listen to his Podcast. 

He seems like a genuine dude seeking enlightenment through laughter and sharing himself. There... That's a compliment

Monday, January 25, 2016

Honesty and The Landmark Forum

A shortcut to being funny is cynicism. I would say this is more common in stand ups. But true funny comes from honest expression. Really giving an opinion or thought honestly will probably be tougher and not as funny right away. But will ultimately be funnier and more liberating for both the performer and the audience.

I enjoy some good cynicism every once in a blue baboon, but I see it come at the expense of a truly honest joke. It cuts the legs out from a full idea and goes for the quick payoff.
 I've noticed whenever I vent to my mother and tell her the whole truth she laughs harder than when I try to make her laugh. 

People aren't honest all the time because we're afraid of being exposed. So most people don't share, and they avoid the truth. Usually by lying, or changing the subject to another topic, like I often do. I thought I was being honest when I would get up on stage and tell embarrassing stories about jerking off and what not. But I was still avoiding some truth. I was over exposing my self in a different area to avoid true honesty. 

My biggest fear of exposure is with women... I believe. And I realized that I had an unresolved situation with an ex girl friend. I NEVER would have called her, but I was sitting in The Landmark Forum class, and this floated up. So I called her and we talked honestly and authentically about how it ended, and I said things that I felt were truly exposing. Things that I thought would give her the power or satisfaction over me... Which was total bull shit. It was all in my head, and I was living in the story of what had happened.

So I returned to The Landmark Forum with this issue "resolved" and I still felt the same. I thought some BIG weight was going to be lifted off my shoulders. And it wasn't, so I was concerned about having shared all of that with her. So in this Forum, there is a leader and everyone in the class has a chance to speak. So when I went up there, I was hoping for the leader to dissect my situation that I thought I had resolved. I shared the whole story of how we talked, and that it didn't physically or mentally change me like I thought it would. As I did this, and seeing the leader's reaction, I realized that's how it's supposed to be. Nothing will ever be truly resolved, human beings will never find or take care of the one thing in there lives that will make them happy. And telling the total truth in that moment, and exposing my expectations really did liberate me, and I was euphoric for about an hour.

So, I have since called everyone I can think of that I've had unresolved issues with, and am feeling good. Because I know that there won't be any true change to me physically or mentally. But by doing the act of calling people and expressing myself fully, allows me to feel better, and the people I call are all very appreciative of my expression. I don't feel like putting anything off anymore, because I know it will ruminate in my mind. 

 I personally judge people very quickly, and decide what kind of person they are. And when I get to know someone, and something goes wrong. I make a decision of how they are thinking, and it boils in my brain until I decide they are shitty people. So I live in stories, and so do a lot of people.  

So for me I feel free in a lot of ways. I'm finding myself and want to share my love with others. So if anybody sees me and wants a hug, I will give you one.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Smart Phones

 Smart phones are ruining people. People used to sit in a room and twiddle their thumbs, or read a magazine. Now people sit and look at their phones to avoid themselves and others, and it becomes a habit. You don't have to linger in an awkward situation anymore, you can just whip out your phone and reject reality.

The world is so FUCKING big! And when you look at your phone constantly it becomes a pinpointed rejection of reality. And people get lost in looking up useless shit online or checking their Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Vine/Snapchat/whateverthefuckelse.

At a concert I saw this girl who had not left her phone the entire show. There was an amazing display of orchestrated music and lights that she PAID for and was not even trying to enjoy it. Most people just take videos of concerts and spend half the time posting it and changing the filter, when they could be enjoying it with their actual eyes in real time.

 It's a nervous and immature reflex to whip out your phone, it's the easy way out. Like talking about the weather. But people don't even do that anymore! If you're on an elevator, half of the people are scrolling through their phones looking at their shitty friends projecting their happiness with photos.

It seems bizarre to me that people even communicate physically anymore. I try to tell my freind to get off his phone, or try and ask someone a question and get NO response. It's frustrating to be ignored when you're trying to help someone. It's obviously unhealthy, yet we constantly do it. Every guy has walked up to a girl and been rejected by the glare of the phone from her face.

I do it too, but I am aware of it. That's all you need is self awareness. Realize that you are looking at your phone, and ask yourself why you are doing it. You're bored? You want to look up a random fact to prove your freind wrong? Or is there someone in the same room with you that you don't like? People are becoming dumber, because they don't have to remember anything or know anything. They can just plug reminders in their phone and look shit up. 

So next time you're sitting on a train, or waiting in a lobby, try just SITTING there. Practice being bored, there is value in doing nothing, and just being. We are human "beings" not human "doings". That sounds corny but it's true. People used to just sit on the grass with a rock and a stick. Try sitting on a bench for 2 minutes without looking at your phone, you'll enjoy it more.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Cracking Your Neck

I have been cracking my neck for over half of my life (10-12 years). I've always known that it was a bad habit, but found it hard to stop doing. It is as addictive as cracking your knuckles. So I have always had neck and back problems and have just been "dealing" with them.

I have been going to a chiropractor for a few months now. I was in for much longer than usual because of how jacked up I was. And FINALLY I was explained why and how cracking your neck is so bad.

There are seven vertebrate in your neck, when you crank you neck right and left using your chin as leverage, you only crack the same vertebrate. It's usually the 4th or 5th one that you're cracking over and over and over. So there is relief in cracking your neck, because the same bones get used to being cracked. Leaving the rest of your neck left unsatisfied.

I thought that because chiropractors cracked my neck, I was doing the same thing. I was explained of what cracking bones is. It's pressure being released from the joints. But chiropractors know what bones they are cracking, therefore it is much more helpful. This is very informational, obviously I don't know all the facts. I'm sure you can find more elsewhere.

So I haven't cracked my neck as often since. Some days I don't at all, but writing this right now makes me want to. I feel the pressure building in my neck, but I can't get the image of the SAME bone being cracked over and over, while the other 5 or 6 bones are left untouched. I really hope this will stick and I can stop cracking my neck. I hear old habits die hard, so I guess I'll have to watch some Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman.

Saturday, January 2, 2016


2015 was not bad... I'm not going to list all of my great achievements because their weren't a lot and I find that cheeky for my taste. But people always make New Years resolutions. Goals they set once the new year approaches. Most people have these goals in mind before the new year, yet they wait until it comes.

If you have a goal, you shouldn't wait until some imaginary timeline passes to start pursuing it. Or it just becomes another one of those things that we put on our "to do" list in the back of our minds. So don't put any imaginary pressure on yourself to do something that you just waited to do until "now". Sure it's a new year, but nothing really changes because of 2015 becoming 2016. Change only comes when you put things into action, and not in the back of your mind. 

So what I'm trying to say is "don't set goals" because you'll never achieve them. Unless you put them into action before telling all of your friends you're going to be thin in 2016. Happy New Year! You kids stay in school.