Thursday, December 17, 2015

COMEDIAN: Marc Maron

Marc Maron has gained supreme success from his WTF podcast. And has received his own show Maron, on IFC. I have watched the first two seasons on Netflix many times. It is such a funny show with so many great elements of his life in it. It is like Louie in the sense of stand up bits becoming scenes along with touching moments of humanity. I have recently watched the third season on Netflix, which is also amazing.

His book Attempting Normal is another great piece of his work. It's filled with jokes and a heartfelt and funny speech at the end. He does a great job of putting emotions into words, and relating to the reader.

He has a lot of great stories, about Sam Kinison and the Comedy Store. Coke and alcohol fueled adventures are very fun to listen to, and to pull some wisdom from them.
So many of his interviews on WTF have influenced me positively, and given me great insight on comedy and life.

I saw him about a year and a half ago at the Athaneum Theater in Chicago. I can remember one line that struck me was, "Come on, we're all adults here, we've all had cum on us at some point!" The crowd exploded and so did I. Because probably a day or two earlier I came on my stomach after jerking one, and it hard me so close to home.

I can't think of other things to say about him, talking nicely about people is a lot harder than I thought.... You get the idea. Go watch his show on Netflix and his amazing Podcast.

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