Sunday, November 22, 2015

COMEDIAN: Patrice O'Neal

He was one of the greatest comedians of all time. A true martyr to Stand up Comedy and he epitomized creative integrity. He never compromised and never catered to anyone. As a black man he had a totally unique view on race. He did not make you feel bad for being white. And reminded us white folk to acknowledge racism and not to pretend like it doesn't exist anymore. Because allowing white guilt to run the show will ultimately fuck things up.

That was only one element of his comedy. He had the ability to break a person down on sight and dismantle them in a completely honest and funny way. He also has an amazing point of view and perspective on dating, sex, and women. 

As I got to know him better through his Stand up and Opie and Anthony clips, I learned that he really was a sweet and kind person. You can hear his childlike giggles in this clip... 
The Roast of Early Jim Norton I re listen to this often, it always cracks me up.

When he scanned a person and pointed out their flaws, it was an attempt to help them. It came across as mean because most people are not used to such brutal honesty. Deep down he wanted to help others and change the world.

Plus he was seriously hilarious, he could transition without any notice from silly to serious topics. He was always a courageous comic who said what was on his and everyone else's mind without hesitation.

I did not know about Patrice until after he died. People started talking about him when he died, and a lot of comics I enjoyed knew and respected him. So I watched his last special Elephant in the Room, and it totally changed my life regarding comedy and women.

He is a huge part of my life and my comedy education. He still has a tremendous body of work out there that keeps his legacy alive. I suggest him to anyone who loves comedy, he is a dose of reality that EVERYONE should have in their lives. 

Patrice goes to jail

^^^This clip shows why Patrice does the material he does, and why he has his perspective on female and male justice and fearlessness.

Patrice is smart

^^^This shows Patrice's INSANE intelligence, and his first hand defense of comedy versus Political correctness.

Elephant in the Room

^^^This is his last special, my first impression of him, and his last imprint on the world.

I really love everything that Patrice stood for... Honesty and integrity in his humor. He's amazing and deeply missed by everyone intelligent who believes in the freedom of speech.

RIP Patrice O'Neal. 

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