Wednesday, October 21, 2015

So... You want to be famous

Most people these days just want to be famous... Whether or not they have talent or value. One kid said to me"I'm going to fake my way to becoming famous. So that when I am, I can show people my true intentions. Because I'll have that platform of an immediate audience."
People want to be famous to shove it in everyone's faces who were mean to them, or to be known and to feel significant in the world, or any other bullshit reason that is totally ego based.

I want to be successful, I am going for an industry where  really talented people with drive can end up famous. I want to be a great Writer/Actor/Comedian and everything and anything else creative that comes from doing those things.
I realize that I will not be successful at these things for many years. Meaning I might not make a lot, if any money anytime soon. But the rich and famous Writer/Actor/Comedians are rich and famous because they've worked and WORKED at their craft for many many MANY years.

Louie C.K. Marc Maron, and Jerry Seinfeld are three amazingly talented Comedians that struggled for years, even decades to make a living in comedy, and to have all been stars and creators of their own sitcoms. 40-60 year old men.
Tina Fey is so well known and loved because she struggled through performing and writing in thousands of live shows, and has broken ground for women in comedy. Bryan Cranston didn't get to be Walter White because he faked his way to becoming famous.

The thing with all of these people I've mentioned is that they all really care about the work they are doing. They've been at it for 20 plus years each and have paid their dues. They are people who would be doing this same thing whether or not they were famous or wealthy. And as far as I can tell, they don't have big egos about where their status lies from all of their hard work.

With Social Media, kids upload everything and hashtag it in attempts of getting noticed, and getting some money and recognition.

Even if you were to fake your way to fame, once you are realized as being a fraud, you will fall right back to the bottom, and it will be right in front of everybody, because you are well known.

As an aspiring Comedian, I have bombed a bit and made an ass of myself. Just like every other successful Comedian who is or has worked.

If you are famous, and you bomb and make an ass of yourself, everyone will see it and judge you for it. "I though that guy was supposed to be funny." Well he wasn't because he faked his way to fame, and has never done stand up before. People expect more from you because you are famous. And comedians like Louie, Maron, and Seinfeld still bomb, because they create new material, like good Comedians do.

As an untalented famous person, you will not be able to take rejection like successful performers who have survived rejection. You will crumble early and everyone will see it. 

So to all of those millennials or anyone else who wants to be famous, go jump off a skyscraper. Then people will be able to type your name into google and have your picture and description pop up. That's "famous".

 Leave the talented people who care about creating to do their work without dumping your horse shit onto the Internet every 15 minutes. You're getting in our way and you're shitting into the minds of other morons who can't help but make the world more dumb. Read a book and quit watching so much porn.

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