Thursday, October 29, 2015


I am a big fan of Louie C.K. just like most of the smart Americans in the universe of America. In the comedy world, he is what some folk would call "The bee's knees" or the king/emperor/master/sensai/etc of comedy. My douchy 'anti mainstream' hipsteryness doesn't want me to like him, because he is so famous/funny/life changing. But I really truly love his work, and watch everything he does.

My father's friend from High School, married one of Louie C.K.'s sisters. When his show on FX aired in 2010, my dad had recorded some episodes because of that. I saw them and thought of it as something I would watch if I had nothing else to watch. So eventually I did.

I was about sixteen, and it struck a very weird comedy chord in me. The extremely bizarre and humorous world that he created was an image that stuck in my brain. So I continued to watch. The first joke that really hit me was... His bit on taking his daughters to the bathroom at the airport. Him pointing out the farting foreign men's penises. Taking them into the stall with him next to two shitting men, one man is pushing his leg on the ground to get leverage. Then he hears the other guy hock up a loogie. This is the line that made me love him... "So now I know, that guys is SPITTING PAST HIS DICK, into his own shit and piss." The ALL CAPS words are where the hitting of my mind occurred.

That was the most relatable thing I'd heard up to that point from a comedian. It was exactly what I wanted to hear come out of his mouth during that bit. I'll never forget that moment... Another moment that struck me was when I listened to him in an interview with Ron Bennington (Unmasked with Louie C.K.) Everything he said in that interview was what I was thinking and what I needed to hear.

Louie C.K. talked about his love of making shorts films, so like Woody Allen, his philosophy was basically to become as funny as possible so that they'd HAVE to give him a camera. At that moment, it rang in my head that "I have to do Stand up". Because I wanted to make films, and that attitude of being so funny that "they'd HAVE to let me do it!" was very powerful. And listening to him describe his early years and fears about Stand up gave me confidence and reassurance. Because I had never heard a comedian talk about the horrible and hard beginnings of their careers. It was a stepping stone for me in in listening to interviews of comedians through podcasts and radio shows, learning from conversations.

I continue to love his show, and have moved onto watching his stand up specials. (Shameless, Chewed Up, Hilarious, Live at the Beacon Theater, Oh My God) and his newest one at the Comedy Store. These are all amazingly funny and fearlessly satirical pieces of comedy wisdom. I have seen all of them many times.

In 'Chewed Up' his first fifteen or so minutes were on the words, Faggot, Cunt, and Nigger. I capitalize these words because they are as important to me as God or Jesus. He deconstructs their meanings, their alternatively used and slang meanings, and why they are funny. He dissected these politically incorrect terms so beautifully that every PC person had to realize their truths, whether they wanted to or not. Then he wraps it all up beautifully, I won't tell you how, because you should go see it if you haven't!

This is just one specific piece from one of his specials, there are so many more bits that have the same, if not more of a brilliant impact.

His insanely honest perspective on his wife and kids are groundbreaking, in so many ways. I listen to his older stuff where he does this and I'm flabbergasted at how I actually just used flabbergasted in this sentence... It truly is mind blowing to listen to this guy who is basically sacrificing his failing marriage and young daughters for his career. But then you realize the value in this honesty, and the courage he has to say these things alone on stage to drunk strangers! Quite innovating stuff.

A lot of people don't like him, because he has become so ginormous. That's normal, he cannot be liked by everyone. He's been at it for too long, and is TOO good to let some faggot nigger cunt deer bloggers and anonymous haters try to take him down. You're allowed not to like him, but you HAVE to respect him.

I could go on and on about how much I love Louie C.K. His show on FX especially, because it was my first exposure to him. It is my home base. He has a hugely positive impact on me and millions of other creative and amazing people.

There are plenty of people we all meet in our lives that are shitty to us and we don't like them. At the opposite spectrum is Louie C.K. a guy who changes peoples lives, and allows us to admire him from the sidelines.

I don't see the big deal is with blowing Ewan McGregor, I'd much rather blow Louie C.K. if I had the chance... Watch 'Shamless' and you'll get the reference. Hopefully my dad's friend from High School can hook that up.


Sunday, October 25, 2015

Hypocrisy in Humanity

Myself included. The posts I've made so far are filled with contradictions. I'm a hypocrite just like everybody else, but I have to stand by my opinions. If I feel that I'm being honest in the moment and I state something I have to defend it, or admit that I was wrong.

I want to make things funny, and the truth is funny. The truth can also be fabricated to be funny... It's weird like that. But I cannot stand political correctness, so I curse and say shocking things sometimes, just to bother these J-holes. I listen to a lot of comedians who have been stating their opinions humorously and eloquently for longer than I have been alive. So naturally, I am trying to do the same.

I'm only 21 and have been trying to do comedy for two years... I don't know shit compared to the comedians/actors/writers that I love and respect. I still feel that I have to push myself in my opinions and my humor, and anything else that I feel will help me grow as a person/entertainer.

That means "pushing the envelope" or even saying things just to get a rise out of people. So if your offended, be offended. Don't expect an apology all the time. There are plenty of instances where people in a comedy club will laugh at rape/incest/terrorist jokes and get upset and yell at the cancer joke because someone in their family had it.

My mother had cancer, I've heard good and bad cancer jokes. I don't stand up and yell at the comedian making the joke if I don't like it. I may be offended, and that's fine, I don't have to make a scene, or blog about how offended I am. Hecklers are cowardly and annoying, for the most part. They want to be on stage being funny. If I really feel negatively about a certain joke, I'll tell the comedian why I feel this way and try to inform him or her on how to change it, but off stage. It's okay to be offended.
 Patrice O'Neal defending funny. If anyone is interested. Please ignore the"offensive" title.

There are so many people that "pretend" to be outraged just to appear sensitive and caring, and it's Bullshit most of the time. Having to let everyone know how offended you are is obnoxious. It is phony to be outraged because it was something that happened to you, and not be outraged at something that didn't happen to you. Or just to be "outraged" because you think you should be outraged. And trying to take responsibility for the "whole nation" is not your responsibility.

Granted there are certain people and comedians that use shock humor for shocks sake. There are plenty of instances of insensitivity with no purpose of satire or a higher purpose. These shock comedians will probably not last very long unless they bring a higher purpose to their comedy. So it's okay be offended at these people. Letting them know they are being insensitive with logic will be more useful than being outraged purely from emotion.

People make jokes out of horrible things because that it the purpose that humor serves in life! The horrible tragedies that happen everyday would to be hard to deal with with out humor. Comedy IS Tragedy. My dog was put to sleep and thrown into a mass grave, and my friends laughed in my face when I told them that. If everybody took everything too seriously, we'd all be miserable. The world needs comedians to make us laugh.

After 911, comedians were the medicine for people. Everybody was horribly sad, and comedians stepped up and started making jokes about it. Getting people laughing for the first time in months. There really is never something "too soon". If that were the case, "too soon" would go away. People can't put a threshold over comedy, because it will always be broken. South Park has always pushed the envelope on political correctness. Now their show is considered one of the greatest satires on Television. When a new limit is put up, they cross the line, and they always will, just like all the other great comedians.

Parents that blame comedians for their kids bad behavior, are not taking full responsibility. They may turn around and say how great their kids are, but it's those dang gone comedians with their potty mouths. If that's the case, don't let them watch those comedians. Parents should take full responsibility for their kids actions. I'm not a parent, so I obviously don't know what it's like to have kids, just my opinion. But it seems like blame shifting to me.

I love Jim Norton, and these are things that he has touched on. What I love about him so much is that he cops to EVERYTHING he has done. None of his past is a mystery, and he makes no excuses for himself. This allows him to make fun of and judge other people. Because he is completely honest about his morals, judgements, feelings, opinions etc. He holds everyone else to the same standards as himself. He's allowed himself the freedom to speak honestly about anything or anyone, and point out fraudulence when it is apparent.

RACISM... for example. Everyone is a little bit racist. It's natural to stereotype people, because a lot of them are true, and it is something we are taught as humans of different colored skin. Just be honest about your feelings and your opinions. I'm kinda racist, I have racist thoughts just like you do. Saying you're not racist makes you seem more racist, kind of... I think.

Now, I probably sound like a preachy douche bag right now, and you could be wondering why I'm trying to tell you how to live your life. But like any other 21 year old I am angry at the world. I'm trying to make sense of it all at the same time, and these are just my beliefs.

There are certainly contradictions in this post, and I'll have to cop to those too. 

I'm trying to be positive in these posts, my hope is to reach people and make them think more deeply about themselves in society.

Have a good'n!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Be Nice, and don't troll.

For the most part, people have the tendency to be jealous, I get jealous all the time.
When there are well known people making a living at something they love (Actors/Comedians/Musicians etc.) some regular folks don't like them or think they are not worthy of such wealth and admiration.

So they go on the Internet and write hateful things about these (Actors/Comedians/Musicians etc.) anonymously. Generating rumors, claiming they stole from another person, or just to say they suck!

These people troll anonymously because they don't want their name attached to this hatred. Because they would not be able to take the personal slamming that they deserve. This is cowardly, and what rappers call "hating", for those of you who don't listen to Hippity Hop. It is an easy way for jealous and unhappy people to point their self hatred at someone else.

There are plenty of people of high status that I don't like. I don't like what they do, or I think they abuse their status, but I can understand and respect the fact that they have achieved success and fame.

Kim Kardashian is famous for fucking a rapper on camera... Good for her! She has $85 million dollars. She figured out how to make that money by being slutty, marrying  rappers and divorcing athletes. She doesn't have to kill herself or her baby or whatever other awful disgusting things people have told her to do over the internet. If you don't like her, don't watch her show or follow anything else she does. I don't agree with her lifestyle, so I ignore her and move on with my life.

Like anything good, the Internet is abused. Just look at a YouTube video's comments. It's mostly people getting into anonymous arguments that end in someone calling the other persons mother a cunt. The fact that people give dislikes to videos, baffles me. Someone who watches a video of someone trying to be creative and entertaining, just to let everyone else know they think "this guy sucks". It's time wasting and day ruining.

It is at least less cowardly to confront someone and spew your hatred directly towards them in person. It is  respectable to tell someone that you don't like them for specific and honest reasons that could influence them positively. Constructive criticism. Mostly, the Internet is just filled with criticism, for the sake of criticism.

In Patton Oswalt's Special 'Werewolves and Lollipops' he says a line similar to "Paris Hilton is a cunt who should die of AIDS." This  is his comedic opinion, and might have been fabricated for comedic purposes. He is not hiding behind a computer screen typing this, he's saying it to a live audience like a courageous human being. You may not agree with him, but you should respect the fact that he is being honest and is courageous enough to state his opinions publicly and stand behind them.

As a kid, I can remember being extremely hurt and angry by some random kid online who was telling me to fuck my dead grandfather over Xbox Live. All I did was beat him in a UFC 2010 match.

I am overly sensitive in this way, and I take things personally, so I stopped playing people on Xbox Live. It's that simple, if you don't like something, leave it alone, don't blab about how much you think Dane Cook should die.

The Golden Rule is cliche for a reason... It's TRUE! If you're a dick, people will be dicky to you, or just dismiss you from their lives. Whatever negative energy you throw out into the world is going to come back to you, and you will spend your life hating others and being disliked and unhappy. What goes around comes around... Another cliche, I'm not saying that karma is completely real. But if you live your life being an ass hole, people will not like spending time with you.

Plenty of people have wronged me, just like everybody else. I find that when I lash out at other people, I don't feel good afterwards. Even if I felt it was remotely justifiable to tell them how much they suck. If you are kind to everybody, for the most part, people will reciprocate with kindness, and you will not have to worry about any of your negative actions coming back to bite you.

If you don't like someone, you don't have to let everyone know you hate them. Just move on with your life, I'm sure you will be a happier person.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

So... You want to be famous

Most people these days just want to be famous... Whether or not they have talent or value. One kid said to me"I'm going to fake my way to becoming famous. So that when I am, I can show people my true intentions. Because I'll have that platform of an immediate audience."
People want to be famous to shove it in everyone's faces who were mean to them, or to be known and to feel significant in the world, or any other bullshit reason that is totally ego based.

I want to be successful, I am going for an industry where  really talented people with drive can end up famous. I want to be a great Writer/Actor/Comedian and everything and anything else creative that comes from doing those things.
I realize that I will not be successful at these things for many years. Meaning I might not make a lot, if any money anytime soon. But the rich and famous Writer/Actor/Comedians are rich and famous because they've worked and WORKED at their craft for many many MANY years.

Louie C.K. Marc Maron, and Jerry Seinfeld are three amazingly talented Comedians that struggled for years, even decades to make a living in comedy, and to have all been stars and creators of their own sitcoms. 40-60 year old men.
Tina Fey is so well known and loved because she struggled through performing and writing in thousands of live shows, and has broken ground for women in comedy. Bryan Cranston didn't get to be Walter White because he faked his way to becoming famous.

The thing with all of these people I've mentioned is that they all really care about the work they are doing. They've been at it for 20 plus years each and have paid their dues. They are people who would be doing this same thing whether or not they were famous or wealthy. And as far as I can tell, they don't have big egos about where their status lies from all of their hard work.

With Social Media, kids upload everything and hashtag it in attempts of getting noticed, and getting some money and recognition.

Even if you were to fake your way to fame, once you are realized as being a fraud, you will fall right back to the bottom, and it will be right in front of everybody, because you are well known.

As an aspiring Comedian, I have bombed a bit and made an ass of myself. Just like every other successful Comedian who is or has worked.

If you are famous, and you bomb and make an ass of yourself, everyone will see it and judge you for it. "I though that guy was supposed to be funny." Well he wasn't because he faked his way to fame, and has never done stand up before. People expect more from you because you are famous. And comedians like Louie, Maron, and Seinfeld still bomb, because they create new material, like good Comedians do.

As an untalented famous person, you will not be able to take rejection like successful performers who have survived rejection. You will crumble early and everyone will see it. 

So to all of those millennials or anyone else who wants to be famous, go jump off a skyscraper. Then people will be able to type your name into google and have your picture and description pop up. That's "famous".

 Leave the talented people who care about creating to do their work without dumping your horse shit onto the Internet every 15 minutes. You're getting in our way and you're shitting into the minds of other morons who can't help but make the world more dumb. Read a book and quit watching so much porn.